March 30, 2009

Knoxville, TN

Olivia and I took a trip with Ryan to Camp Lejeune, NC in March 2009 when he had to attend a conference. On the way, we decided to stay that week with my Aunt Deed in Knoxville, TN. Olivia and I enjoyed 3 days of relaxing, going to Target and playing outdoors in the nice, bug-free weather. Ryan made the 8 hr trip from TN to NC by himself and even came back a day early. We then stayed the last day relaxing together before heading up to Dayton, OH to visit Ryan's family.Somewhere traveling to TN

Hard Rock Cafe on Belle Street, Downtown Memphis, TN

Enjoying bug-free weather and bubble!

Love this picture since it's a self portrait of the two of us

Olivia loves fish now so she decided to take a fish themed shower curtain and lay down outside on the deck to cover herself and Mickey up like a blanket

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Great-Aunt Deed in her own sized rocking chair

A quick stop on the Clinch River to look at the geese

March 25, 2009

Baby v2.0

Normally, Fort Sill only does one ultrasound at 21 weeks. This morning at my first OB appointment, the Doc informs me that at 13 weeks and 5 days it's too early to hear the heart beat (I think on the little doppler thingy) and he'll do a quick ultrasound. Here are the pics from the appointment. I go back in 4 weeks and then only 2 more til the big gender question is answered. Nothing to really report from the appointment...this time around is nothing like the care at 29 Palms... I miss that place (so far).

March 21, 2009

Where's the time gone?

We return tomorrow from our world wind, cross country, family visiting adventure. Pictures to come over the next few days. First, however, we must all survive the long 14-hr drive home.

Big shout out to Sarah H. for looking after our cats...thanks very very very much!!! (Apparently, they're starved for attention since Sarah is allergic and can't touch them...all the more reasons to thank her!!)

March 5, 2009

The Alamo and Leo

Leo being himself...

In front of the Alamo

Long Barracks at the Alamo

Fish in the part of the original waterway through the Alamo

Last picture EVER of Ryan in glasses; eating at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Riverwalk

I'm finally posting the pictures from San Antonio because you'd like to see them and also because I am procrastinating getting work down before leaving for Camp Lejeune. No, we're not moving there instead Ryan has a conference he must attend and he can't drive by himself. He can drive now, the doctor's cleared him for that, but we're not sure how he can take the long hours of driving, so we're all going with him. The surgery was a success, according to the doctors, Ryan is now 20/30 and 20/35. Distance objects are still a bit blurry but the doctor's said it could take a few weeks for everything to clear up. Last night, he mentioned if he doesn't put the saline drops in his eyes about every half and hour, his eyes feel as though he slept in his contacts. He keeps wanting to take out his contacts...but he doesn't have to wear contact anymore. I am so happy for him that he doesn't have to worry about glasses in the field anymore. In 29 Palms, he'd wear his glasses since the contacts would get irritating over a few days of wear with the sand blowing everywhere.

Ok, time to finish my album and then I must start getting ready for our trip. TTYL