May 21, 2011

olivia turns 4...part two

Happy 4th Birthday!
Making her wish

So excited for her first computer
New bedtime story book
Now that Aunt Katie and Papa are in town, since both have been working quite a bit lately, we celebrated Olivia's 4th birthday with pool time, yummy chocolate cake, and PRESENTS!  Olivia was getting so excited, after we told her we had to wait for Papa to finish getting ready for work tomorrow, we could celebrate her birthday.  So, what does she do? March right into Papa's office and tell him we're waiting for him and that she'd love to open her gifts now.

This child will always assume kids get at least two birthday celebrations and Santa Claus visits 3 separate times at Christmas.  During this birthday celebrate the big hit was her new laptop computer.  Aunt Katie gave her the best LeapFrog beginner's laptop computer that can be personalized with her name for emails.  Olivia sat for a while after having her cake, playing 'doing business' and sending emails with her new computer.  She is growing up so fast, it's not even funny.

Before our celebration, we went to the pool where Olivia and Nana practiced her swimming skills.  Just a few more visits and she'll officially become a fish. All in all her Birthday was a success again this year and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.

olivia turns 4...part one

Since Ryan was unable to be with us when Olivia turned 4 on May 17th, we celebrated early on Mother's Day with his family at the local bowling alley.  Olivia has been talking about a bowling party for weeks and we could not pass up 99 cent games.

The place was practically ours, since most families were off celebrating their Mother's at home, and we had a blast. Gammy kept Justin busy since he became fussy.  Olivia bowled her entire game, beating everyone by frame 2!

She enjoyed blowing out her candles on her Dora the Explorer cake, from Lunds at Byerly's...the best cake I've had in a while.  Sweet butter cream frosting that is so rich it doesn't fully melt in your mouth, AND tastes like heaven.

Presents were abundant and of course she thoroughly enjoyed opening every single gift! Again, Olivia made quite the haul, with gifts ranging from a Dora the Explorer guitar to Barbie Princess Ballerina's.  Gammy even found a Tangled doll without a bunch of small pieces, another hit with Princess Sweetpea.

The day was topped off with a spontaneous bubble blowing fest in the backyard and a NEW BIKE.  Once Mommy and Daddy realized Olivia's legs were too long for the 12" bike, a bigger and better 16" bike did the trick.  Although she's still getting used to the size, Olivia will enjoy riding her big girl bike just as fast as her tricycle.

NOTE: for some reason blogger only let me upload once photo.  I'll post some more as soon as I can!

May 11, 2011

hello again

After traveling on the road for two days, spending a week with Gammy and Pop-pop's, and now here at Nana and Papa's, I can take a breath and just sit.  I have much to update about.  Olivia's bowling birthday party (celebrated early with Daddy), our trip to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America, aka the old Camp Snoopy, the drive north itself, and selling out house.  Oh yeah, and baby #3, all things are well and on track.  Here's a little nibble for you!
oh yeah, moving is fun!

bubble time
enjoying my babies