January 28, 2011

unseasonably warm

Get this, for the past 2 years, around the last weekend of January, the state of Oklahoma has had a bad winter storm.  The first year we were here, power went out for 4 hours and the roads stayed clear.  Last year, we lost power for over a week, lived in a hotel, the kids and I flew home to recover and we had no water once the power came back on because the pumps were still busted.

THIS YEAR, this last weekend of January is unseasonably warm.  Enough so that the kids were out in summer clothes because it hit 75 degrees.

carried that bat everywhere

Attempting to ring her bell

she's getting so darn tall

As I am getting the kids dressed, I am excited because Olivia's crocs from last summer still fit but I realized Justin does not own a pair of summer shoes.  Duh, he's never needed them because last summer he wasn't even walking, silly mommy!  I end up taking the kids out for a run, I ran and they chilled out in the jogger, and we met Ryan at the end of his run.  Running as a family is so much fun!!  Can't wait for summer weather and to be rid of this Oklahoma winter wind.

Oh, but the good news ends there.  In three days, we are going to drop into the 20s and our little old Highway 62 will be the dividing point for snow to the north and ice to the south.  That highway is only a mile north of our house as the birds fly, actually, not even a mile.  We just hope that this storm is not very bad and the weathermen are correct and the temp will rise fast again to the 40s on Wed.

January 24, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memory

Walked by Justin's room this weekend and found him cozy in the rocker in his room reading a book.  He is finally interested in sitting long enough to check out a book.  I read The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss to him most nights and I think its become his favorite story. He's so sweet!!

January 23, 2011

Polar Bear Plunge & 5K

This past Saturday, I got the privilege to run my first race without the Kiddos!  MWR sponsored the Polar Bear Plunge and 5K.  It was bitterly cold when I left the house and on the 30 min or so drive to the lake for the run, the temperature dropped 17* but thankfully warmed up a bit again.

 So happy to see Ryan and kids at the finish line for me. Although, I was told Olivia got super exited for Elmo and Cookie monster who finished just minutes before me, but she still waved and smiled when I rounded the corner!

 Not bad for no real training and the last 5K I ran was the Devil Dog Run back in September.  It was a nice little course, no time chips, so we just ran 1.5 miles out then made a quick U-turn.  There were hills which weren't a problem but the banking the curves took was killer on my knees and ankles.  Not to mention the fact I need new running shoes, which I have, but never ran with so I didn't want to start out racing with brand new shoes.  I really enjoyed the run and even though I finished faster than I thought I would, I still want to do better!!! Go figure, right?

Ryan took the kids back to the house and I stuck around for the door prizes, which I didn't win, and to witness the crazy people plunging into the lake.  I knew if I went into the lake I'd get sick so I just kept as warm as possible on the beach.

January 20, 2011

waiting for daddy

i'm silly!
 Normally, if the kids and I are in town around lunch time we meet up with Ryan.  The hospital is our favorite place to go since we can all get a warm meal for around $10 total.  It's great! I always carry the camera with me just in case and the other day we were getting bored waiting for Ryan to arrive so we took some photos!
maybe one day he'll actually wear a Marine cover to work!

loves putting on daddy's cover

Maybe she'll wear a Marine cover to work too!

silly face

what is with all these pictures?

ooo, what's that?

she really wanted a picture with mommy

yes, i am cute

laughing because she can

January 17, 2011

painting marathon has begun...

 We've started the massive job of painting the kids rooms.  I took everything off Olivia's walls, including her curtains, a few days ago and spackled all the holes.  It took all day to paint the little pink room so I don't even want to start on Justin's yet.  He's got higher ceilings, yuk!

We hit the jackpot when we found an entire gallon of paint with our address on it in the garage.  Took it to the paint store who told us it was still good paint.  Not bad for living in the extreme heat and cold of the garage for nearly 3 years.  However, our luck turned sour when the paint would come off the wall every time we'd roller over a drying patch.  The builders used cheap paint so even though we saved a bit of money, we had to put two coats of beige on the wall.

After the kids went to bed, Olivia slept on her mattress in her brother's room, Ryan and I used the little paint we had left and applied a second coat. 

 This morning I finished up by painting the trim, door and window sill.  Her room now looks like it did when we first moved in...tear!  Just have to paint the built-in shelves in her closet and her room is officially done.  She's already asked to have her pink room back, but I've assured her that for her new room, she can help pick out everything that is pink and she's a bit happier now. 

January 15, 2011

Oklahoma City Zoo

 Before returning our Pike Passes, we decided to make one more run up to the city to get some running shoes.  Since it was such a nice day, we surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo afterwords.  Olivia wanted to see the elephants, Ryan wanted to see the lions and Olivia told us Justin wanted to see the monkeys.  I just wanted to have fun (and see the elephants, too). 
 With the temperature around 50 degrees, not many people were out and about...including the animals.  As we passed the giraffe enclosure, some maintenance workers were putting up an extra fence so the giraffe's were inside their big barn.  Had to come back to see the giraffes later, bummer!
yup, just like in the refuge
 With the winter being construction season at the zoo, some paths were closed to build bigger and better animal habitats.  One walkway closure was near the American Bison exhibit so Justin got to run around and loved putting his little hands through the chain link fences.
 There was also the sunbathing Kangaroos.  The male kangaroo was sprawled out on his back with his crown jewels for the world to see.  Olivia, being the inquisitive little 3 year old she is, asked what's that between his legs? Ryan and I had no idea what answer to give her, so we just told her the truth.  "He's a boy and those are his balls." She seems satisfied with that answer and proceeded on down the path.
olivia with the female kangaroo
 It started to get late and we hadn't eaten lunch yet so we headed over to the Lion exhibit before making our way out of the park.  The kids loved looking at the lions and had even more fun playing monkey by climbing all over the bronze statues. 
 The best part of the entire trip was seeing the bobcat up close and personal.  He (or she) kept pacing in the exhibit (I actually felt a bit sad for the animal because they pace due to boredom or stress).  Justin and Olivia got a kick out of having this big kitty cat so darn close to their faces.  Actually, I got a kick out of it too.
stopped just for me!

Due to the construction, the elephant exhibit was closed.  Don't know where the elephants were being housed, but their exhibit was getting revamped and construction workers were everywhere.  So, we hiked back to the other side of the zoo to see the giraffe's who were finally let out of their barn, yeah!

kids are tired and didn't want to face the camera, what's new?

               Then I remembered that we took the kids pictures on an elephant at the front of the park.

And that the baby elephant statue was across from the elephant enclosure that last time Ryan and I were at the zoo, waaaay back in 2005.  So, why aren't the elephants here at the front of the park in their old home instead of the Red Rhinos? Well...a friend said they were shipped up to the Tulsa Zoo to try and mate.  Let hope they're successful because Olivia was very disappointed she couldn't see the elephants. 

It was a great day and a great adventure for the family.  It was Justin's first time at a zoo and we think he actually asked, "what's that?" outside the hog exhibit.  Our baby boy is growing up way to fast.  But, we did get so see some elephants, from the San Diego Zoo and their LiveCam of their elephants.  Check it out!

January 12, 2011

Auntie Katie

Finally, after over a year of being away, Auntie Katie has come for a visit!!!  It was such a pleasure to have her here, if only for a while.  She works and travels all over the world so doesn't get to see family very often.  Our parents visited her a few times over the last year in several locations but I haven't seen her since Justin was 10 days old.  Sure, we skype but its just not the same.  She flew into Dallas to visit a friend and drove up here the next day.  We immediately went out shopping, WITHOUT kids!!! A visit to the PX was a must to see what deals we could snag. She was in dire need for a new set of sunglasses, and we each ended up getting the exact same pair.

We tried on tons of clothes! She, again, was in dire need of some items that only the good ol US of A can supply and I never get to try on anything when the kids are with me.  Did we use seperate dressing rooms? Of course not, we're sisters! We took over the largest dressing room then made fun of the clothes that didn't fit us.  This beauty was actually really cute on me, but a tad small in the shoulders.  Not to mention the gigantic smiley face on my chest...um, no, not going to work!
loved the shirt...
i got eyes for boobs
Olivia was in heaven because there was someone here that would play a bazillion games of Candyland.  Aunt Katie was so nice and played til colored cards came out her ears. She was so patient with Olivia and helped her when she missed a space or something. 

more games...this time Pretty Pretty Princess
The first night she was here we took her up to Meers for their world famous Longhorn Burgers, plus I really didn't feel like cooking.  It's only the second time we ate up there but I just had to take her.  Such a hole in the wall, she loved it! With all her travels around the world, she gets to partake in many culinary experiences I just thought this was too good to pass up...unique location with unique food. Who knows, maybe she'll eat abroad and find someone else who actually knows what is in a Meersburger.  The next day we spent doing absolutely nothing! It was so nice.  She got to relax and I had help with the kids, mwhaaaa!
 Since she spent Christmas in China this year, we saved her gifts and had the kids help her open small, travel ready items...a calender and perfume! Her time with us was limited but we're rather boring so it was ok.  Haha, seriously though, she loved hanging out and playing with the kids and just relaxing.  We went to bed early and got up early with the kids.  Katie got much needed rest after burning the candle at both ends for a while and traveling half way around the world, and away from her boyfriend (who's a really great guy)!!  The last day, I made her an appointment with my hair stylist who cut and colored her hair.  Traveling abroad means you can't always find a stylist who can speak enough English to convey to you she knows NOT to chop off all your hair and color it purple.  I love her new cut and the color was fantastic.  We ate at Atlanta Bread Company, said our "good byes til next time" and sent her off to OKC to fly back up north.  We love you and miss you already, Aunt Katie!!!
"Sisters Sisters, There were never such devoted sisters"
Olivia was really upset but wouldn't smile so she got tickled

January 10, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memories

Borrowing this idea from a terrific mom friend of mine, I think I'll start posting something every Monday, something about a wonderful memory from the previous week.  It might just be a picture, something cute one of the kids did or a posting about a wonderful family event.  In any case, something will be posted at least once a week.  Hope all can enjoy!!

Twins...ponytails and headbands

January 7, 2011

...Like Father Like Son

The doctor loved his shirt!

We have a growing, healthy baby boy!!  Justin had his 15 month well baby check up today and he's tall and lean like his father.  He weighed in at 23 Ibs (25th percentile) and is 32.5 inches long (90th percentile)!!  I do hope though his head stays in proportion to his body since his father grew so fast his metabolism couldn't keep up.  So far, I think we're doing okay.  Justin was giggly the entire time, playing with the eye light and ear checker thingy. 

He was such a trooper getting his two shots, one of which I could visibly see on his face hurt more than he thought it would.  The nurse was wonderful and held Justin tight in her arms like she was already comforting him, and had his legs pinned down the edge of the table against her belly.  By far she's my favorite nurse at the office for giving out painful shots.  She's even the one who asked if he loved his sweet potatoes and carrots because she could see his nose was a bit orange.  That just made me giggle.
Olivia at 15 months
Justin has out paced his sister since birth.  I looked up her old records when we got home and at 15 months, she was a huge 18Ibs.  Then at 16 months she was 19Ibs (10th percentile) and 30 inches (25th percentile).  Even now, at 3.5 years young, she only weighs in at 28 pounds.  They are getting harder and harder to push in that jogging stroller but that just means I'm getting stronger and stronger!!