February 26, 2012

single parenting

Daddy is away on a cross country field trip for school.  So, I'll be single parenting 3 muchkins for a while.  Today hasn't been bad but it hasn't been all that great either. Let hope my hair doesn't completely fall out by the end of this.  On the up side, it will give me a glimpse into what deployments will be like with three kids insert sarcasm here.

Thank goodness for Daddy Dolls! He came to the commissary with us this morning.
Note: This picture was taken when the kids first got their Daddy Dolls, back in April 2010.

Oh, and Sweet Pea decided to randomly ask how babies come out of mommy...lucky for you dad, you were done! I told her it was like magic. She's satisfied with that answer for now.

February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

A week or so ago, Olivia went out with Daddy (Justin went too) to pick out my birthday gifts. That night at dinner, I asked her how the trip went.  Before I could finish my sentence with, "and don't tell me what you got me because its a secret," she blurts out, "we got you a robe, Mommy!"

Ryan and I could only look at each other and laugh.  How could we get mad at such an innocent and excited little girl? Not more then 10 minutes later I mention, "at least I can still be surprised since I don't know what color it is." Spoke too soon again, "it's purple, Mommy!" Says Olivia.

We do love her so much!
Thank you for my wonderful "surprise" birthday gift.

Colorful World

After finding the cutest idea for homemade Valentine's Day card on the small little website called Pinterest (wink wink), I couldn't wait to try it out for Olivia's class.

Collect discarded, broken, old crayons from around the house (or new crayons for more vibrant colors) and take off the wrappers. It helps to use a knife to make a slit down the crayons to easily peel the wrapper off.

Cut crayons into small sections 

Place crayons into silicone mini cupcake mold.  
I suppose you could use a metal pan but silicone is much easier to clean up.

Place in a 300 degree oven for about 15 minutes or until melted, checking regularly.

Remove from oven and let the mold cool completely. 
Then pop out the new crayons.

Have your resident artist decorate the Valentine's Cards.

Attach crayon in a creative way to decorated card.
Then write a cute quote to finish off the most adorable homemade Valentine's Day Cards. Ever.

We made 24 heart shaped crayons (the number in the mold) and I am so proud on how they turned out. Not as pretty as the original Pinterest picture but they are made with lots of tender loving care.  I think I'm more excited to give these away than Olivia (I get to help with her class party tomorrow, yipee).  Did not want to give candy away, knowing she'd be getting quite a bit back herself, this was the perfect alternative.

Happy Valentine's Day!