September 14, 2010

Yipee, It's Fall!!

It's fall and that means decorating the house, warming up apple cider and getting ready for bonfires!! This is by far our family's favorite season.  We can open the house up to air out, have a fire in the morning if we so desire, and take family walks after dinner.  Even though the day time tempurature is still in the high 80's, in just over a month we can do all our favorite fall activities, YIPEE!!  We are going to find a pumpkin patch to get our family of pumpkins for Halloween, and I plan on making a find Thanksgiving dinner for all! 

Justin will turn ONE soon and thinking about on his first year of life makes me miss all the little things our family has done together.  Traveling to see family over 4th of July, watching Ryan take his first true command as the Marine Detachement's Marine Battery Commander, hosting Nana, Papa, Great-Granny and Great-Granddaddy, Gammy and Pop-Pop, and watching both kids grow up way to fast!

I greatly look forward to what the future holds for our family, both good and bad.  I look forward to teaching Olivia and Justin so many wonderful and exciting things, carrying on my child hood traditions and creating our own new family traditions.  This world is too good to pass up and I will not let my children be starved for adventure. I love them way to much!