January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 (and Merry Christmas 2009)

Dec 2, 2009 Justin is 2 months old

Decorating our tree

Christmas at Nana and Papa Rankin's

Sledding for the first time at Nana and Papa's

Visit to see Santa

What an exciting time the last few months have been since my last posting. Justin turned 2 months old in the beginning of December, although he'll be 3 months tomorrow, ahh! We celebrated Christmas early, including a visit from Santa, at our house before leaving for our parents home in MN/WI. Olivia did a great job putting ornaments on the tree, even putting the star on top. We then traveled up north to my parents house (Nana and Papa) and celebrated early with them since they were going to visit my sister in Trinidad. She's working down in the tropics a while for work and going to be gone for the holidays. After finding out my parents couldn't get down to see her, we all had a wonderful white Christmas in WI. Olivia went sledding for the first time and absolutely loved it. Christmas Eve Day we, including my parents, met Ryan's parents to visit Santa and had a wonder lunch together before my parents traveled back to WI before the snow got to bad.

Olivia enjoyed playing with her cousin Lydia at her Gamma and Pop-Pop's house. We all watched football and I even got some knitting time in to finish Olivia's hat. While up north, our house was hit with a huge blizzard, something that doesn't happen very often in OK. Yes, we do get bad winds but our neighbor's reported having a 3 foot snow drift in their driveway. Needless to say, we are returning home with a snow shovel. The storm knocked out power to the town so the water reserves were depleted. Since contractor's damaged the main water supply in town, our house was without water after the power was resorted and our trip up north got extended.

With our extended time up north, we traveled back over to my parents house and was able to go flying with my dad. Ryan actually flew the Cessna 172, with my dad right next to him, while Olivia and I looked out the back window. Olivia enjoyed every minute of it despite her reserves about flying before getting up into the air.

This year, I actually stayed up to watch the ball drop at 11am, however, promptly fell asleep by 11:20. Olivia slept all night long and so did Justin. He's going longer and longer at night without needing to nurse, something I'm enjoying! Ryan stayed up til midnight and then kissed his entire family to bring in the new year.

We want to with everyone a Happy 2010, those here with us and overseas!!!