November 9, 2009

One Month Old

Starting to smile!!

He's just adorable no matter what face he makes.

One Month old exactly

Pardon my appearance, I have a newborn baby boy!

Justin is now 1 month plus 7 days old. He's about 10 Ibs already and growing much faster than Olivia ever did. She took 2 months to gain 3 Ibs and its only took Justin his first 3 weeks to gain 2 Ibs. We love having him here. Olivia helps by getting diapers, pacifiers, and blankets for Mommy and Daddy. She always asks to hold him but then insists we put him down when she demands, very adorable. He's started to smile at us and give a cooing cry when he's happy. His crys are also changing when he's upset. Feeding time is still about every 3 hrs but I swear he went almost 6 last night. Does that mean I got 6 straight hours of sleep, no...only got about 4, but that's better than nothing. Ryan is very helpful and even gives me relaxing back rubs at 5am after I feed Justin and just before he gets up for the day. What a great hubby!!

Life in our house is adjusting well. I'm able to go out with both kids for quick trips to Walmart and the Commissary. I even took them to the mall to shop for new jeans for myself. We travel on base often to have lunch with Ryan, always a treat for everyone.

I mentioned to Ryan last night that I don't feel as tired with Justin as I did with Olivia. It's funny how sleep deprivation never really goes away after you have your first child. Pardon my appearance in photos because even though I have dark circles under my eyes, I'm happy and alert.

November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year there were many more houses on our block so Olivia actually went Trick or Treating. Ryan passed out candy at our house then caught up with Olivia, Justin and me. It was nice and cool outside. No jackets needed. Olivia enjoyed herself as Justin stayed warm in the Moby wrap with me. She would say Trick or Treat very softly, then most houses just let her pick as many pieces as she wanted. It finally took me to say Thank you, which she repeated, for her to stop taking candy. The evening was topped off by waiting for the sun to set to watch our neighbor's spooky light show and decorations, which were all very scary!!

October 13, 2009

Justin Ryan Collins

Justin Ryan Collins joined our family on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 3:46pm. He weighed 7 Ibs. 12.8 oz and 21.4 inches long. After only 6 hours of induced labor, in which Tina handled the pain well, we were finally a family of four. Olivia stayed with friends and Ryan was a great coach. Tina was a model patient according to her awesome nurse, Alice. We've been home for over a week now, Ryan has been home the entire time too!! A big help since he lets me sleep in and gets up with Olivia (who today decided it was time to get up at 6am). Justin get the hiccups all the time and they go away as fast as they come. We've figured out he gets gas really easily so the Mylicon drops are always at the ready. He's put himself on a 2-3 hr feeding schedule so the nights aren't that bad. I say that now since I can sleep in a bit but getting up with Olivia and the possiblity of not getting a nap when Ryan goes back to work is not appealing right now. Til next time!!

October 1, 2009

Our Big Girl!!

Happy with her selection of clothing

Giving the thumbs-up

Olivia came out of her room the other day with the red and white polka-dotted pants on. I mean, not around her ankles, but pulled up over her diaper, as if I put them on her myself. Although the pants were backwards, she dressed herself without any help. Our little girl is growing up way to fast. Ryan and I looked at each other and asked if the other person put her pants on. After figuring out she did it all on her own, we praised her so much she did not know what to think. Then I asked if she wanted to find a shirt. She went directly to the dresser drawer containing her shirts, and asked for me to open it for her...its a tricky dresser for a 2.5 yrs old. When she came back into the livingroom again, she had her pink flower dress. So, after helping her put the dress on, we all went outside to enjoy the evening before dinner. We've both agreed to be the parents who let their children dress themselves when going out in public, except if it's an occasion when the kids need to be presentable.

September 24, 2009

Silly Joke of the Day

Where do you find a dog with no legs?

...Right where you left him.

Ok, not the greatest joke but it made me laugh out load a bit.

Nothing new to report just yet. As most of you already know from talking to me or from the wonderful world of facebook (which I'm horribly addicted to), I'm due tomorrow, see the doctor again on the 29th and if all else fails, will be induced on Oct. 2nd.

Ugg! Just waiting around, moving slowly and hoping to go into labor soon.

September 8, 2009

Devil Dog 5K

This past weekend, the Marine Corps Detachment here at Ft Sill hosted the 16th Annual Devil Dog Run. Last year, I ran the 5K but this year decided to walk instead, I wonder why? Ryan didn't want me to go into labor on the 5K course while he ran a different 10K course so he and Olivia walked with me. It was a lot of fun. I had many friends cheering me on throughout the course since they know I am 37 weeks pregnant. My completion time was 56 mins, not bad really, and I wasn't the last person to cross the finish line. All in all, I was sore afterwards but after a good nap I was back to normal.

Now we're just waiting for Justin's arrival, something we were both hoping the walk would accomplish.

Custom Curtains

Top of Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

While Ryan was in 29 Palms again for two weeks, my mom graciously came and stayed with Olivia and me just in case baby Justin decided to appear early. No, he's not here as of yet but I wish he was. While trying to put up window coverings in Justin's room, we quickly realized all our large windows are too big for store bought curtains, or premade wooden blinds. So after moving the livingroom curtains I got from Ikea, the only place I can find store bought curtains 118 inches long, into Justin's room there was nothing left in the living room. That's when I got the bright idea to use my new sewing machine and mom's advanced knowledge in sewing, she made all her clothes in high school/college, to make curtains for the living room window. It's amazing how quickly small projects turn into large projects. The project grew into making thermal backed curtains for the diningroom, a cute tie back for the back door, matching curtains for the kitchen and front door and another thrermal backed curtain for the laundry room, which previously only had tin foil in the window. After three days of non stop work, we completed the project and there is a huge difference in the temperature of the living room. The curtains look great and if it weren't for my aunt also coming for a week's visit at the same time, the project never would have been complete. Aunt Deed kept Olivia busy by painting her toes, playing with her in her room and kept her little tummy fed. Thanks Mom and Aunt Deed for all your help!!

September 1, 2009

36 weeks

Today I'm currently 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant but I feel like its already been 40 weeks. Justin keeps growing and growing and running out of room. My mom's been here for the past two weeks and the last few days we've been making curtains with blackout liners for the south facing side of the house. They look great (pictures to come when the project if finally finished). She leaves in two days and there's a lot left to be done.

Ryan and I made a trip up to OKC with Olivia to Babies'R'Us and got some really cool things for Justin's room. The glider I picked out is so very comfortable and the bedding Ryan picked out is adorable (again, pictures to come when the room is finally finished). We've moved Ryan's childhood dresser into Justin's room and now just need a more perminate place to change him other than the little changer on the pack'n'play.

Olivia is growing by leaps and bounds. She's singing and talking more in 3-4 word sentenses. She's retaining a lot of words and information. A little sponge is what Olivia is so Ryan and I must keep our languange in check, and actions.

This Saturday, at 37 weeks pregnant, I plan to walk the Devil Dog 5K with Olivia and Ryan. I'm hoping that puts me into labor and we can finally meet Justin.

Other than that, we're still here...just really busy.

August 20, 2009

Real Baby Pictures

These are the types of pictures I wanted taken while I was pregnant with Olivia. However, after winning a gift certificate to a professional photographer, I quickly found out he had not done many maternity pictures. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have her documented on film but I love these pictures of Justin. Even though the photo session was right before Olivia's nap and she missed her nap yesterday, she did great! We got some really great photos and wanted to share our favorites with everyone. Enjoy!

August 11, 2009

Justin's Baby Shower

My neighbor's, Sarah and Krystal, threw me a wonderful baby shower for Justin. Although I have many larger items saved from Olivia's babyhood, but I still needed many things blue instead of pink. The afternoon was filled with wonderful food, prepared by Sarah, and great friends who were able to attend. Krystal graciously opened her beautiful home, which was great as she lives just across the street. I had friends from 29 Palms, Trisha and Sarah, as well as new friends from the neighborhood. All in all, Justin got some really nice things, and I got everything I needed to bottle feed him. Now Ryan has no excuse to get up for a 2am feeding...although I think I'll just let him sleep so one of us can be somewhat rested to take care of big sister Olivia.

July 22, 2009

Not too much longer

There's only 10 weeks left til my due date and so much needs to be done still. I have successfully re-organized our garage with the addition of 3 new heavy duty shelves. Thanks Sarah H. for helping me move stuff around. It was a great day to be outside so I was able to get a lot done while Olivia napped.

Justin's room is still a mess and really still an office storage space/guest room. Paint needs to be applied to the walls, a dresser must be purchased, a glider and ottoman and changing station (well, that's part of the dresser) must find a home, oh and it must be cleared out, LOL. My neighbor is only 3 or so weeks ahead of me with her first child and her nursery looks like it came out of a magazine. The crib, dresser, glider are in their places. The closet is neatly organized and everything has it's own place. And here we are without even a carseat or new double stroller picked out...ironic!! The joy's of first time parent hood and the reality of doing it all again. We'll be ready though, just in time too! The only space left in the house is under our bed but nothing can be moved around til the bed is lifted with bed risers. Oh my, my head hurts now!! It's all worth it.

This pregnancy has gone very well. It's much different than last time. I'm not getting kicked in the ribs but instead have constant pressure with the constant kicking of my bladder. Being more active with a toddler means my back is always sore. This means I must take it a bit slower, but do I, no...not silly me. Again, don't worry!!! Justin moves a lot while I'm trying to go to sleep and in the wee hours of the morning. He moves so much differently that Olivia, with fast and short movements.

I have another appointment next Wed and will find out the results of my glucose test. Ryan was nice enough to take Olivia (in PJ's and all) to work with him so I could rush in asap when the clinic opened to be the first in line to wait an hr for the silly drink to work its magic. It was very nice sitting in the waiting room knitting Justin's hat instead of keeping a sleep eyed toddler entertained. Olivia has been really good about kissing my belly if she leans on it or accidentily pushes the wrong way. She says "boo boo" and really does look sorry.

Her favorite books right now are about babies and big sisters. She loves to find out what Justin will wear, where he'll sleep and ride and what he'll eat. She's going to be a great big sister, as long as I can calmly include her to help me fetch diapers and telephones when they ring when I'm stressed and tired after he's born.

Well, must bake some cookies while she's sleeping!

July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday and Holiday Fun

July 4, 2009: Trying to stay cool in 102* heat (notice the thermometer behind us)

July 9, 2009: Enjoying the spray park on base with the Thompson girls

July 10, 2009: Happy 28th Birthday, Ryan!

July 10, 2009: Opening her birthday gift (Mickey Mouse mug) from Great-Aunt Deed

July 10, 2009: Enjoying Daddy's birthday cake before bath time

The past week has been filled with fun. We were invited over the 4th of July holiday by our neighbor's to go with them to a great Independence Day celebration. It was promised to us the temp would be in the low 90's, however, at 5pm the temp in the shade was 102* (notice the top picture) so I was trying to stay cool despite what my red cheeks are saying. We enjoyed great food and wonderful company until the storms rolled in, the temp dropped 25 degrees, it started to rain and the power went out. It was time to leave to get home for Olivia's bedtime anyway so the power outage was not a party stopper for us.

Earlier this week I met up with a good friend from CA to have our kids play at the spray park on base. It's a big concrete park with waterfalls, water spouts and just lots of water. The great thing is there is not a pool anywhere so Olivia can play with friends, I can sit in the shade and she cannot drown. Olivia enjoyed the waterfalls after the girls got there and showed her how much fun it could be. Trisha and I enjoyed talking babies, as I am 11 weeks from my due date and she's just 10 week pregnant with #4. Thanks Trisha for all the wonderful boy clothes!

Thursday we honored Ryan's 5th year in the Marine Corps as he was commissioned July 9, 2004. It's crazy how much we've done over the past five years and wouldn't trade any of it. We've made great friends whom we continue to stay in contact with, despite great distances between everyone.

Friday we celebrated Ryan's 28th Birthday, Happy Birthday!! He already received his big gift at the join party with Olivia held at the end of June at my parents house. But, I was still able to surprise him with Halo Wars video game!! He wasn't even expecting that one! Olivia enjoyed eating cake and is always asking for more. She even got to open her birthday gifts from Great-Aunt Deed, which included a great vintage Mickey Mouse mug, her favorite cartoon character.

Til next time...

July 7, 2009

Loads of updates

I challenged my friend, Joni, to see who could update our blogs first. We've both been very busy the month of June and haven't had time to share our adventures with anyone. I sit here as Olivia finishes her breakfast, after playing outside while I complete the much needed weed wacking, and thought what a perfect time to write a little something.

The last posting had something to do with Chicago, it's been too long, bad Tina! The entire month of June was spent at my parents house in WI relaxing, going to the airport with my dad and visiting the in-laws. Some of the major things that happened were quite exciting.

Several times I went with Dad out to the the airport to work on the Bamboo Bomber. It's a 1943 large twin engine aircraft that is gorgeous. Not many left in working condition so it's really neat to have access to one. We took the prop off one engine since it was leaking and took it to get fixed. A week or so later, Olivia came with us to pick it back looked like a brand new prop.

Dad and I flew a twin-engine Apache airplane to Chicago to pick up my sister Katie for a week of fun. The trip was a bit bumpy since we traveled at 11,000 ft and through clouds. Think about flying through a bowl full of cotton balls then hitting potholes in the road and that was the trip, fun all the same. We saw Katie's new apartment...very nice, and had lunch at Potbelly's. The entire round trip took less time than it would have just to drive over to Chicago...gotta love airplanes. Olivia stayed with Mom and they enjoyed eachother's company a lot. The next day, Dad, Katie and I flew with several other people up to an airshow for the morning. It was really exciting because there were 4 aircraft of different decades flying formation. Katie and Dad lead the way in a World War II Navy N3N Biplane, next came the BirdDog (looks like a Piper Cub), then the 1940s twin-engine Apache, then myself with a friend of Dad's in RV. I took lots of pictures since the RV is an acrobatic aircraft and the slowest speed it could travel before stalling is 100mph (the N3N maxes out at 90mph), hence why we brought up the rear. I even got to wear a parachute for the first time since the RV can make rolls and loops. That evening, Olivia and I met up with the in-laws to go to Como Zoo in St. Paul.

Olivia played outside on my parents deck, along with the cats, every second she could. It was a bit chilly in the beginning but she was out there all the time. It was nice seeing her have so much fun. Nana got her a play tent that she proceeded to take all her bedtime items into and we even thought she'd nap out there but no luck.

We went over to Eden Prairie to the in-laws every Sunday so they could see Olivia. One Sunday we went to lake for a late lunch, early dinner, ice cream and playing on the playground. She got to see her cousin Lydia who has gotten quite big since we last saw her in March.

I to have gotten bigger. I went from looking like I'd gained 15 Ibs eating too much pasta to looking pregnant. Mom got me a bunch of new clothes and just spoiled me rotten. Back rubs, cooking dinner, making lunch. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom regularly, and kept Olivia's things pretty much in order. Had to do something to make my keep.

Ryan returned from CA at the end of June and both families got together at my parents house to celebrate both his and Olivia's birthdays as well as father's day. His flight was delayed then cancelled so Olivia was asleep at my parents house when he landed so I picked him up solo at the airport. It's weird having the homecoming all to myself and not sharing the join of seeing my husband after a while without other wives doing the same. It's good to have him back. Both Ryan and Olivia got great gifts. Ryan got Rock Band II, the only thing he's ever asked for, while Olivia got some dress up clothes, Mickey Mouse books, Little People Princess Castle and of course adorable clothes. Not only did they get great gifts, my parents surprised Ryan and me with a brand new Nikon D60, with an extra lens. I was shocked and Ryan was interested in Rock Band. I've been saying since my parents got their Nikon how I'd like one too, they take great pictures, and I'm so thankful for my parents ability to find great deals on electronics. Ryan treats the camera like a newborn child since we both know it won't be replaced if something happens.

Anyway, I think that covers the big adventures. I really just relaxed, oh and helped pull some trees in the backyard and took my dad's 1954 Cadillac out of the trailer and parked it in the garage.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures. Now wejust have to get this house in order for the arrival of our son. Much to do and very little time!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

June 19, 2009

Still Here

After following up on all my friends blogs, I realized that I had not updated our own in quite some time. However, it will have to wait. Ryan comes back up north after being gone since the beginning of May so lots must get done before his arrival. My To Do list was short then long and somethings have been crossed off due to lack of time.

The adventures Olivia and I have had here are great! We've relaxed, played outside nearly everyday, and enj0yed my parents company. They could not have gotten any more of Olivia...ok, they'd love to spend all the time with Olivia but life does come calling that does not involve a 2-yr old.

Pictures and stories will come as soon as possible.

May 28, 2009

Randoms from Chicago

Reading all by herself in a giant basket chair

Playing with Bode (Bo-dee) my sister's 2 yrs old male, energetic cat

Silly Olivia with oven mits on her hands

Relaxing with Elli in the giant basket chair

Her first trolley ride from the parking garage to the aquarium. I'm talking with Ryan.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

After the Lincoln Park Zoo, we all traveled to the Shedd Aquarium. Olivia loves fish so we thought the aquarium would be enjoyable. Oh, were we wrong. Not only did we mis-judge the crowds on a holiday weekend, the show stadium for the dolphins had just reopened after a year of construction so there was not any real show. The dolphins had only been in the new show pool for one day prior to our visit. Olivia didn't mind though, they still jumped in the air which she throughouly enjoyed, although it was more of a demomstration about training techniques then an actual show. There were many strollers and stairs which are not a great combo. I got bowled over by kids trying to squeeze into the smallest spots to see the fish and Olivia is so small she didn't get a good view either. Need less to say these few pictures are the best we have, due to low lighting, large crowds and my anxiety attack. Enjoy!

May 23, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

Olivia and I have traveled up to Chicago to visit my sister for Memorial Day Weekend. Today we ventured out to the Lincoln Park admission a plus, although parking prices was high. Olivia enjoyed walking around looking at all the animals. She enjoyed the polar bear, birds, giraffe's and of course the big cats. She even really enjoyed circling the base of a tree on a metal grate, just going round and round then round in the other direction. Thank goodness we didn't have to pay admission and parking for her fun with the tree.

The weather is nice, cool 70s for us southern folk, and she is currently taking a much needed nap. She did very well on the two day drive north. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Winnie the Pooh were a staple on the DVD player. My cats are with us and they have done great too! There are three cats in the apartment for the weekend and they all seem to be getting along alright. Leo and Elli are nearly 5 yrs old and Bode (my sister's cat) is only 2, so he tries to play with my cats with very little success. Olivia on the other hand loves to chase Bode around the livingroom and corner him at the end of the hall. She just giggles and giggles when he runs away...poor cat. More updates of our adventures here in Chicago later. We plan on going to the Shedd Aquarium and the Navy Pier.