March 31, 2011

second showing's are nerve racking

So we've had some great interest in our house and we're actually getting a second showing today.  It's a man who flew in from out of town and has kids about the same age as ours.  Ryan and I figure he won't be leaving the area without putting an offer in on a house, we just want it to be ours!!  The cool thing was his realtor asked our realtor if we 1) are a short sale home (answer is a big fat NO), and 2) if we could close in 30 days. We CAN close in 30 days, YES YES YES!! I really hope he puts an offer in on the house.  I've already started thinking about what has to happen if an offer is accepted and asked my mom to come down and help.  Take care of two kids, while pregnant and having to watch packers treat our stuff nice, defineately deserves some help.

But I'm already getting ahead of myself because the man hasn't even come yet for his second showing.  I'm just wishing, hoping and praying he'll put an offer on the house.  The first couple that loved our home are locals and are taking their time. They didn't see our house for a second time and said it was over priced, WHICH IT IS NOT!! They just want everything for nothing, which we're not willing to do.  So my hopes lie with this new buyer to is actually coming for a second showing.  I'm more hopeful because his realtor called last night around dinner time telling me about coming by again today. That's good news, right?

So, I'd better wrap this up and finish wiping down the kitchen and vacuum.  SOOOO excited...don't get my hopes up, don't get my hopes up...crap, my hopes are up!!


March 29, 2011

our little fish

So far we have one little fish in our family.  Olivia is currently taking swimming lessons on base.  She gets the biggest smile on her face, loves to kick her legs and say, "swimming swimming swimming, i love swimming!" Since I have get to be with Olivia during lessons, Justin hangs out with his awesome babysitter, Maggie, the CO's eldest daughter.  She's great with Justin and he enjoys her company.  They hang out at the track at the gym during lessons, and are back in the car before Olivia and are finished getting dressed.  Although, today is cold and rainy so I think I'll just put the DVD player in the car and they can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.

The funny thing is, as much fun as the swim lessons are, Olivia takes after me and does not like to put her face or head in the water.  I remember vividly as a child just not liking to get my hair wet.  Don't know why either.  During Olivia's lesson last week, the teacher introduced her to holding her breath and putting her nose and mouth in the water.  she did great the first try but then breathed in while her nose was underwater and started to choke.  I think she started herself a bit and didn't want to try again.  It's nice having someone else tell her what to due during lessons, so I can just refer back to, "the teacher said to try this, we must listen to the teacher." It helps a lot! I ment to have Olivia practice in our huge master bathtub over the weekend but alas she did not.  Hopefully, today the pool is a bit warmer and she'll enjoy putting her head in the water while wearing her new swim goggles.

On a side note, I think my morning sickness has kicked into low gear.  I don't feel sick, per say, just really don't want to eat anything (but I do or I really feel sick) and just want to sit and do nothing.  But, with two other kids, that doesn't get to happen, so at least the house is always clean and I can enjoy their company.

Mommy's Monday Memory

To be able to sleep in any position again and wake up refreshed!

March 21, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memory

Justin certainly takes after me when it comes to petting animals.  HE HATES IT!! Ok, that's an overstatement.  He was very interested in the baby chicks (in the green box behind him in the bottom picture), just couldn't reach far enough into the big box.  He'd just look at the baby bunny and stare at it, wondering what it really was.  You can kinda see his questioning expression in the bottom picture.  I tried to move his hand up to touch the extremely soft bunny fur, but he pulled away so I didn't push him.  Olivia on the other had was all about holding that baby bunny when the birthday girl wasn't holding him.  The kids were invited to a little girls 3rd birthday that had a petting zoo...hence the memory!

I remember as a kid being terrified to touch baby animals at petting zoo's.  Specifically, while living in Berlin, we'd travel to a place called Peacock Island, which had tons of peacocks living on the island, duh!  There were other animals on the island one day, or so I remember, maybe I'm mixing up two separate memories?  Anyway, I did not want anything to do with the baby animals, can't even remember what aminals were present, just that I did not want to touch a single one.  Sure enough though, my dad forced my hand to touch the animal, while my parents are giggling at my sillyness of not wanting to touch the animals, as tears ran down my face.  Don't get me wrong, my parents are great, I just did not like to touch baby animals!!

March 18, 2011

We're on TV...ok, not really!

I set up a YouTube channel so Ryan can watch video's of the kids on his phone.  Olivia wanted to run through the sprinklers yesterday during the warm afternoon.  Justin walked through the water a few times but wasn't a fan.  It really cooled us down.  I also got sand to fill up their sandbox.  They've played outside in the morning after breakfast for the last two days.  Wish we had a screen door, but at least there aren't many bugs to fly into the house.

March 15, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memory: A few days late

 I have to get better and putting up my Mommy's Monday Memory on a Monday!

This week, I am reminded why I love my husband. 

He controls the TV remote at night so I can get some decent sleep. 
He cooks dinner after coming home from work because he knows I really don't want to.
He plays with the kids so I can surf facebook and my friends blogs undisturbed. 
He buys the kids little gifts because "it was so cute in the store" or "they really need this." 
He'll go to the commissary on payday weekend because I was too sick for two days and couldn't go. 
He makes me laugh. 
He'll eat a bowl of ice cream with me in bed while watching The Biggest Loser. 
He tries to have lunch with me and the kids at every opportunity.
He never asks for anything of material value for his birthday/Christmas when he knows people can't afford it. 
He's kind.
He says I love you every day!
He tells the kids I love you every day!
He is the best father!
He backs up my parenting decisions.
He tells me I'm beautiful.
He reminds me how good of a mother I am despite my doubts!
the perfect man!

March 12, 2011


Wanted to test out uploading videos from our new YouTube channel aptly named OurAdventureAwaits.  TheCollinsFamily was already taken so I took our blog name instead.  The video was shot today at the park.  Didn't know Justin loved the swings so much!!

March 11, 2011

We're Expecting

Olivia and Justin will become a bigger sister and big brother in November 2011.  We are expecting bundle of joy #3 and are so very excited! In keeping all three kids (wow, first time I've said that, and it feels pretty normal) about 2 years apart, now is the perfect time.  On top of that, Ryan will be deep into EWS, our family routine will be set and adding one more to the hustle and bustle won't be a problem!  At Ryan's Change of Command yesterday, he announced we were expecting and everyone was so surprised and happy for us.  It was grand!

  So far, I haven't had any physical symptoms but I am sure that will change soon.  My dreams became very vivid and crazy, my first indication I was pregnant even before the test came out positive.  I'm trying to keep my eating under control since I always seem to crave sweets and give into those craving during my first trimester.  Although, making my own version of IHop pancakes complete with cherry topping and whipped cream for breakfast isn't helping, but it tasted so goooood!

 Upon telling Olivia she was going to be a big sister again, she responded by questioning whether or not she was going to get taller.  She really didn't understand what I was talking about, but now has slowly figured it out.  She's requested a baby sister!  I have the whole time on video and crack up each time I watch it. 

And here's the picture of two semi-sane people before the crazy life of moving, pregnancy, a hot summer, and 3 kids take over our lives.  Oh, wait, we've already started the process, haha.  We love our family!!

March 7, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memory

Every now and then, us girls need a day out.  I took Olivia out with me to get my hair cut before heading to the mall to get new clothes for her.  I thought these pictures would forever stay on my cell phone, because that's what happened with every other cell phone I've owned.  Not anymore.  I can share these memories with you.  Words cannot express my love for this little girl.  I kept asking her for a good smile and I kept getting goofy faces.  I'll take the goofy faces any day!!

March 1, 2011

Mommy's Monday Memory: A few days late

These two wonderful faces make everything stressful in my life worth it!! I might get irritated and need my "me" time, but I wouldn't trade anything in the world to give up being their mom.  I love you Princess Sweetpea and Little Man!!