February 25, 2009

The Alamo and Eye Surgery

Today, Ryan and I saw the Alamo. Honestly, there isn't much left...only two original buildings are still standing, the Chapel and Long Barracks. It's located directly in the heart of San Antonio and the landscaping is beautiful. It's free to the public but donations are always welcomed. There's so much history and it's displayed very well. We thought there would be more open spaces at the Alamo, however, the land wasn't protected until about 1914, so most of the area of the fort has been built up. Hard to keep a plot of land from development when it was founded back in the early 1700s.

The real reason we're here in San Antonio is Ryan's PRK eye surgery tomorrow. Finally, his work schedule allowed us to travel here for the surgery. Very exciting. We got his new Ray-Ban sunglasses that look great! He's excited for the end result in a few months, but not quite sure how much pain will be involved over the next week. I'll be taking good care of him and so will Olivia when we get home.

Olivia is at home with my mom, Nana. She is happy and doesn't know we're gone, so much so that even a phone call from us won't bring her to stop watching her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nana is having a fun time looking after her for us and we are grateful for the help. Not that having Olivia here with us would be a burden, we do miss her very much, but it makes the 8 hr drive a bit faster.

Pictures of the Alamo and surgery to follow soon.

February 18, 2009

Tina turns 25!!

After a long day walking around the zoo, we came back to the hotel room and celebrated my 25th Birthday. Ryan made my cake at home and brought it with us. Finally, after 2 and a half years of living at a Marine Corps base, I got my sweatshirt. For years now I've been wearing Ryan's sweatshirt but I have my own now...thanks honey! We walked across the street to the Texas Roadhouse...the best BBQ place. They have huge barrels of peanuts and you can drop the peanut shells on the ground. Found out Olivia like BBQ Ribs since she engulfed a few of mine....yes, I was craving a huge full platter of ribs and enjoyed every last one (although I finished them off at home...it was a huge platter).

I want to thank my wonderful husband for making my 25th birthday one to remember. I love you!!

Ft Worth Zoo

Waiting for Daddy to come out of the reptile exhibit. Mommy's morning sickness didn't like the warm building. And, you can see Olivia's scrap on her forehead! Ouch!

Parrots in the tree on the left

Sleeping lion on the left

Ice Cream break!!

Ryan signing 'fish'

Female hippo

Ryan surprised me a week before my birthday telling me we were going to take a trip to TX. Since he had my actual birthday off this year, due to President's Day, he took us to the Ft Worth Zoo!! It was a lot of fun. After a rough night in the hotel Thursday with a little one who just won't sleep, Friday went very well. Here's the funny part. We were awakened at 0530 with a phone call from our security company saying the motion sensor went off...darn cats trip the alarm again. So, Olivia was up very early but was able to get a good long nap in before we left for the zoo. We ended up putting her in the bathroom in the pack 'n' play so the light wouldn't keep her up...it worked.

Once arriving at the zoo, it was in the 70s but overcast so the weather was very pleasant. We went all over the zoo, looking at the elephants, chimps, goats, lions, and bugs. Olivia's favorite exhibits were the birds. She kept signing 'bird' for parrots, geese, ducks, eagles, owls but to her they are all birds. We did end up having a little accident. Olivia somehow tripped on her own toes or a pothole, but she took a dive head first into the concrete and scrapped her forehead up pretty bad. Luckily, she was distracted by the animals to cry for very long...mommy forgot a pacifier in the van.

We enjoyed lunch at the park, and got some ice cream before heading back to the hotel to open presents. The day was very nice and she wore herself out walking around the park pushing the jogging stroller. It was the best birthday ever!!

P.S. Just have to add this because it is so funny. We saw the great silver-back gorilla poo along with an orangutan. Also, the last exhibit we saw were the chimps who were feeling very sexual that day since, on accident, we caught two of them on video pleasuring each other. Caught us by surprise and was really funny.

February 10, 2009

Bithday Surprise!

Ryan called me from work last week with a wonderful birthday surprise...we're going to the zoo!!! It might not seem much, but when your hubby misses two birthday's in a row due to deployments, it's nice to do something special. For those of you who don't know, I turn a quarter century on Feb. 13th. My dad always wanted a Valentine's Day baby but mom said she's not waiting, LOL.

We're packing up the van and taking Olivia to the Ft. Worth Zoo. She's not able to identify the more exotic animals but she knows bear, cat...lion is a cat right now, bird...parrots are birds too, duck and we're working on fish. We'll spend two days in TX and go out for a wonderful birthday dinner. This morning as Olivia is banging her fork on the kitchen table while eating her Eggo and I'm typing out my thoughts, it occured to me. We haven't really done anything special for birthdays apart from going out to dinner. If you count my trip to Japan to see Ryan in 2006, yes, I was there for his birthday, and I suppose that counts.

With Presidents Day being the 16th, the entire MarDet (Marine Detachment at Ft Sill for future reference) has Friday and Monday off. The perfect time to go to the zoo. Last time we were here in Lawton for Artillery School, Ryan and I went up to the OK City zoo, and I was not impressed. I've been to the Ft Worth Zoo as a kid but really don't remember anything. An exciting adventure...hopefully the first of many.

Today I must go out searching for a screen to place between Olivia's Pack 'N Play and our queen bed so she does not see us. Due to the traveling Ryan does for work, he's been able to save up hotel points so one of the two nights will be covered, the other covered by our check book. We're staying in a great hotel with a little kitchenette. We try to get the largest room our budget allows so Olivia is in a little corner of her own away from the TV noise and our bed. The screen is an added bonus so she thinks she alone.

I know, you're thinking we're bad parents for putting her all by herself, but you'll understand if you have kids or will have kids who are tall enough to see over the railing of a pack 'n play and won't go to sleep if they see you.

Need less to say, there's lots to do here to get ready to go. Must get ready to shop for milk...I'm going to try and make french toast for breakfast Friday morning before the zoo since the hotel doesn't have a free breakfast...then off to find a screen. Oh, must take lunch to Ryan...can't forget.

Til next time...

February 8, 2009

February 5, 2009

Correction about Electricity

Finally, called the electric company because the final reading for January was higher than what the meter actually said yesterday. Turns out due to the ice storm we had last month, the meter reader could not come out to our house so they estimated what our usage would be based on Jan. 2008 usage. Problem is, the previous owners were in this house and used a lot more energy in the month of Jan. that we do. So, the meter reading for Feb. should even itself out. Friend of mine said she remembers the lights being on all the time with the previous owners lived here...so I have an idea as to how much there were spending every month for electricity which is ridiculous.

Yes, the construction workers have stolen water and electricity from our neighbor's, who promptly handed their bills to the builder, but we've been lucky. I've locked up the water spouts and electric outlets (although the month of Jan had the locks off most of the time) for a while as to prepare for the worst.

Everything is undercontrol and we feel much better knowing that Feb. should be a much smaller bill.

February 4, 2009

Electricity Out tThe Ears!

Ok, so I think I've been complaining here on the blog a bit more than I should. Pictures are few just because nothing really has happened although that's not really a good excuse.

Anyway, so I got our January electric bill and it was over 1000 kwh's more than last month. We don't understand why such a jump. To be honest, the construction workers have been known to steal water and electricity and there is a new house nearly finished right next to our property. We suspect they took some electricity while we were gone for Christmas vacation, but there's no proof so we just can't hand the builder our bill.

Another thought was the ice storms we've had and the really cold weather but here's the kicker. Our neighbor keeps her house at 70* while we keep ours at 67* (65* now that the bill was so much higher) and yes our main living space is slightly bigger and faces south with more windows but that shouldn't make our bill so much higher. The rate of fuel didn't change so we are at a total loss.

Not to worry, we are able to pay our bill, it just frustrates us not knowing if this is our fault or someone else's. The only thing we can do is try to consume less energy and hope next month's bill decreases by quite a bit. I even replaced the light bulbs we use the most with energy efficent bulbs and our bill still increased.

On a brighter not, since I don't want this post to be all negative...the doctor told me over the phone I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That's right on the money for what we had suspected. This means by my calculations that the due date is September 25, 2009. I'm fighting to get a first trimester ultrasound performed to verify the due date (standard of care at Fort Sill is one ultrasound at 20 weeks and that just isn't going to hack it for us, and we are unable to go off base for care even though there are Tricare Prime approved doctors in town...that's a whole other story for all the military wives reading this). My first appointment is the end of Feb, some silly group educational appointment that everyone who has kids says is rediculous.

And that's an update!