May 20, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There!!

I took Betty for a walk yesterday and we found a turtle crossing the road.  Of course, she was interested but we continued onward.  Tonight, after dinner, Betty started walking up and down the back fence line, nose to the ground.  Then she started to jump at something and bark.  My first thought was a stray cat was sitting on the other side of the fence.  When I went out to stop her barking, I was a turtle smashed against the fence trying to hide in fear.  After unsuccessfully trying to keep Betty away, I placed the turtle in a bowl and walked him to freedom in the empty lot by the house.  Earlier, this huge moth landed on the window screen, and ironically, Betty let it be all day.  Don't worry, it's still alive, I poked it with a bottle cap and it moved.  It's a jungle out there!!

May 18, 2010

Olivia turns 3!!

Olivia celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday.  Time has just flown way to fast.  It's nearly the middle of 2010 and it feels like yesterday we were just waiting for her to start to walk.  We watched the video of her as a new newborn in the hospital and coming home from the NICU.  That was per her request.  She is completely potty trained, no longer needs pacifiers at night and has a vocabulary that is just exploding.

Have to mention that Justin is starting to rock up onto his knees and his cutting his 5th and 6th tooth!

May 1, 2010

Way too long!

Ryan ran the OKC Memorial Marathon and Justin and I completed the 5k

Up date from the last month. Olivia is finally potty trained! Even though she's still on daily Miralax, she's excited to collect her stickers and prizes thus goes every moment she can. Justin has started solid foods. We're taking it slowly introducing him to anything other than breast milk so we don't have another child with pooping problems. He loves water out of a glass and enjoys bath time. Ryan takes over the Marine Battery as Commander on Monday. This means more hours at the office but he's excited! I'm working on getting our yard and flowerbeds beautiful. I think I've finally settled on what I want to do. Pictures to come.

My mom came to watch Olivia while Ryan, Justin and I went up for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at the end of April. I pushed Justin in the 5k and Ryan completed his second marathon. Not a Personal Record time but he finished strong. He's signed up for the Tulsa Marathon in November but must over come a bad sprain in his right knee LCL. I'm trying to start training for a 10K or half-marathon, we'll see how that goes before I commit myself to anything. Ryan's are in town for the change of command. They've enjoyed blowing bubbles with Olivia, and holding Justin.

I hope to update this more often, but seeing as Ryan does not have a graduate class for the next month, we'll be spending as much spare time as possible taking down our fence and installing a new, stronger fence. Til next time...rock on!!