January 29, 2009

New Private Settings and ICE

If you are able to read this then we both have successfully figured out how to set and get into a private blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while now and a friends horror story prompted me to follow through.

Nothing really has been happening other than bad weather and the family being sick. Monday it rained then the temperature dropped giving way to freezing rain. The base was closed Tuesday so Ryan had the day off. Wednesday he did not have to go into work til Noon and this morning it was 9AM. It's been a slow week as we are also recovering from being sick. Olivia had a temp last weekend and now I have a bad cold. Unfortunately, I am unable to take any meds to help me get through this so I've been researching natural remedies. Don't know if I'll venture outside today or not but cabin fever is starting to set in.

January 24, 2009

Soon to be Private

To every one who follows my blog...

I've been thinking about setting my blog to a private setting meaning you'd have to be on the list to read anything. If you'd like to continue following our adventures...I know, what adventures? LOL...just send me your email address and I'll add you to the list.

I'm thinking Feb. 1st, I'll change the setting to private so until then.

January 19, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!!

Found out today that Olivia will have a little brother or sister in September...I'm pregnant. I guess the posting about nothing really going on here is dead wrong since so much is happening. Ryan and I are excited and wanted to share the joy with everyone who we are unable to communicate with on a daily basis. Will keep updates frequent.

January 18, 2009

Ryan's New Truck

We do have exciting news...plans changed and we traded in the Rodeo for an '06 F-150. It already has the spray-in bed liner and a topper...as you can see. Like the van, the deal was great and we did not have to roll the Rodeo loan into the the new loan...Ford paid off the loan!!! We got and extended bumper to bumper (the same policy we have for the van) and the monthly payments are lower than Rodeo payments. We now have a reliable V8 truck that can haul much more stuff around than the Rodeo ever could. Our first thought was how much we could make on a partial-dity move between the truck and the van. Ryan is very excited he now has his truck and those who lived in OK understand that trucks are everywhere.

January 17, 2009

Same Old Story

It's been a while since my last posting, but that's because not much has been going on. Olivia is addicted to Mickey Mouse Club House which is both good and bad. It's great she enjoys a fun educational cartoon (you learn to problem solve and it's somewhat interactive), but it's bad when she wakes up in the mornings and hands me the TV remote. Ryan and I have been playing hide and seek after dinner with her the past few nights. It's a blast, she's a great finder but not so great hider. There's only a few places to hide in the house she can find you and if you are not poking part of your body out of the hiding place, she really can't find you. The best spot is in our master bathroom tub. It's big and deep so Ryan's back pokes out the top and she can find him no problem.

Olivia had her last set of shots til kindergarten on the 15th and is right on target for height and weight. She's 20Ibs (the scale was old and manual so I think it was a bit off) putting her in the 5th percentile, and she's 32.25 inches long putting her in the 25th percentile. We've just got a teeny tiny as Grandpa Collins would say.

We did get some nice wood delivered to the house for our fireplace and outdoor fire pit. It's mostly pecan, which I've been told smells really nice. Tonight we'll have a bonfire to help celebrate our neighbor's 28th birthday...she enjoys bonfires so I think it's a surprise from her husband, he'll supply the beer.

Other than that, the weather has been cold, although today is supposed to get near 60*. I try not to go anywhere in the van since I end up spending money when I do. Till next time...

January 9, 2009

My New Ride

Olivia and our new min-van...yes, a mini-van!!! I'm the proud owner of a mini-van...maybe if I say it over and over again, the van will appear to be an SUV instead of the "Mom Mobile". It's a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring with power doors and a power lift gate. Seriously, the deal we got on it was too good to pass up. We will be growing into it as a family and it gets way better gas mileage than the Rodeo. After a scare with Olivia being sick and luckily I had the Rodeo, we decided to get a second car for safety reasons. Enjoy!!

January 7, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Opening her new Little People Car Garage from Uncle Travis and Aunt Sarah

Eating at Big 10 with Grandma and Grandpa

Ryan holding cousin Lydia

Opening gifts at Nana and Papa's

Olivia's favorite activity...spinning with Nana

Making icing with Aunt Katie

Kisses for Mommy

Reading with Papa

Holding Lydia and Olivia eating after seeing Santa

Minnesota Santa

Waiting in line to see MN Santa

Alas, here are the Christmas pictures in no particular order. We spent our days bouncing back and forth between the grandparents houses in an attempt to satisfy everyone's busy schedules. Christmas Day was spent at the Collins' while December 26th was the Rankin's Christmas day due to Papa's work schedule. We met baby Lydia, our new niece on the Collins' side, and Olivia enjoyed attempting to poke her in the eye was well as give Lydia her pacifier. Olivia and I got sick towards the end of our stay telling us it was time to go. She did a great job on the long 14 hr drive home (and the same drive up North). Oh, and the cats came with us, so they enjoyed the drive snuggled down in their beds.

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

As Ryan and I reflect back on what a year 2008 has been for us, we are blessed to know that we are surrounded by friends and family who love us. We are grateful to be the parents of our darling Olivia and for the adventure called life the Marine Corps has taken us on. Thinking back to this time last year, we did not even know if we'd be moving away from 29 Palms, let alone, buying a house and mini-van. We hope this new year brings as many new adventures and interesting experiences as 2008.

I sit here recovering from our loooong 14 hr drive back to OK from WI/MN yesterday listening to Olivia push around her lawn mower while walking in my ballet flats. We enjoyed our trip to north. There are tons of pictures I must go through to pick the best ones to share here for everyone. Those will be posted shortly. Now, a trip to the 24 hr Walmart is needed to get bread, milk and eggs...the staples!

Love to all and Happy New Year!!