August 26, 2008

This is Great

So, after reading several friends blogs that I didn't even know they had, I have concluded that blogging will become my new favorite past time. Not sure how often I'll post something or even if it has any real meaning...but hopefully those reading these entries will be pleasantly surprised.

After running around doing errands all after noon with Olivia, she finally wore herself out and is in bed...quite, for now. Elli is curled up under my right arm leaning against me...she needs much needed snuggle time after being confined to the bathroom for weeks. Must now find the energy to clean the kitchen...yuk, fold all the clean laundry on the bed, pack for our mini trip to TX tomorrow and pick up the house.

This morning I finished mowing the front lawn that I did not accomplish last night as the mosquitoes ate me alive. In the heat of the day, the only time of the day to myself, I mowed the backyard and cleared out the 6ft tall weeds behind our fence. It took the saw and 30 min just to clear a path so the 1 inch diameter weed stumps did not damage the blade of the mower. Ryan said be nice of him to worry, although he said do not brake the lawnmower blade as the cost of fixing any damage is much greater than taking me to TriCare on base to get patched up...if anything should happen. Nothing did happen and the mower is safe and sound in the garage.

Ok, enough rambleing...must finish my housework before my eyelids close so when I return from TX the house is not a complete disaster.

August 25, 2008

Carpets No More!!!

Not sure if everyone has heard our carpeting situation so here it is...all carpeting throughout the house is gone. As first time home buyers, we were so excited to find a house and become homeowners, the thought of needing to replace carpeting did not enter our minds. The previous owners did have two dogs but our cats always did well in new places and traveling so we thought nothing of it. Wrong!!! After returning home from two weeks of visiting family up north...a strange smell took over the house (nothing strong...just different). Weeks of trying to clean the carpets with vinegar and baking soda did nothing to help the situation. The cats were not the same in this new house as our old home in 29 Palms, CA.

After opening Pandora's box with a newly purchased black light...with a nearly broken toe... Tina started taking up the tack strips around the edge of every room. A few days later, the carpeting and pads were pulled up and placed outside at the end of the driveway. Now, with new carpet remnants in the living room and Olivia's room, the cats are out of their 6 week jail cell (the front bathroom) and acting normal again. To top everything off...the strange smells are gone!

The only thing left to do is figure out what type of flooring to put down again. Now that we are forced to change the flooring, we might try to improve on the value of the house...if budgeting allows.


Ryan has been promoted to Captain. Need less to was extremely hot and humid the day of his promotion, but Olivia did very well without her usual two naps a day. The local lake has been a favorite spot of ours as the cool water helps to keep everyone from overheating. Olivia is growing bigger and stronger everyday. She is walking much better now and it becoming a wonderful toddler...until she starts her terrible two's.

...And So It Begins

It is time to start sharing our life with friends and family. This will be a place to share photos and stories about the happenings of the Collins Family. Although this might be a project that consumes a lot of time, we feel it is important. Unlike our photo sharing website at, this is a place to check back periodically to see what is new and interesting. Hope everyone enjoys the blog.