January 19, 2012


Ever since Olivia was born, people have said she's a spitin' image of Ryan.  I agreed when she was a baby but people are still saying it, and its something I can't see anymore.

Now that Liam is getting bigger, I think he's a good blend of both Ryan and myself, but people are again saying he looks just like Justin.  So I decided to do some investigating back into our collection of pictures.  Turns out everyone is right!

Holy Crap! They are like twins!!  Both photos were taken when the boys were two months old.  Can you guess who is who? Justin is on the left and Liam is on the right.

The more I look at them, the more differences I see, but at first glance, I thought I needed glasses.  They are definitely brothers.  Makes me excited to see what Liam will look like as he grows up. We also think Liam will have curly hair since he has the same hairline as Olivia, while Justin has a different hair line.  Hopefully we won't have to wait til Liam is a year old since Olivia couldn't grow hair til after she turned 1!

Here's a picture of Olivia and Justin at the same age in our Oklahoma kitchen.  Just goes to show how much faster my boys grow than my girl.

Justin at 13 months on the left and Olivia on the right. J-man is certainly taller than the second drawers and Olivia is not!

January 10, 2012

snow bunny

We had our first real snow here in northern Virginia yesterday.  I knew it was going to rain but instead it snowed.  Olivia and Justin were super excited to see the snowflakes fall to the ground.  Actually, I don't recall Olivia ever actually seeing it snow.  Nothing stuck to the ground at first but then the flakes got bigger and fatter and wetter.  Perfect snowman making material.
 Liam was outside for just a little bit for his first snowfall. Once that cold snowflake hit his warm cute face, he wanted to go back inside.  I don't blame him at all.

 After dinner Olivia headed outside to play.  Why no pictures of Justin? He preferred to stay inside where it was toasty warm.  I dragged all three kids out to go to the commissary after nap time and I think he got his fair share of the snow.  It was coming down pretty hard.

Olivia woke up this morning talking about making her snowman.  It was super fun to play in the snow with her.  She would have stayed outside longer if I let her but her tiny hands were getting too red!

January 5, 2012

gas is grand

One thing I hated about moving to our first duty station was the gas stove.  I only knew how to cook on electric, but since that first move, I've fallen madly in love with gas stoves.  Currently, I have a gas stove.  It's fantastic when the power goes out due to an east coast hurricane.  Food can still be prepared (although we just went out for lunch up the road that particular day).

Another great feature, and probably the best feature, of a gas stove is the option of making yummy smores with the kiddos INDOORS.
super excited to make her own smore

she was very careful

yummy bliss
 Not knowing how many people wanted smores at our New Year's Eve Firepit gathering, I over bought.  However, that wasn't a bad thing in this family.  It all just. has. to. be. eaten! But the chocolate in the house combined with my lack of will power, my intended progress on losing this baby weight is hurtin' !
J-Man's turn

just a pose for the picture.  mommy did most his work

enjoyed mouthing the marshmallow, but not a true fan