November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We'd like to wish all our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. As we look back on the wonderful memories we've made with friends these last 4 years traveling with the Marine Corps, it is hard to imagine life without those memories. I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend Robin Chartier, who took me under her wing and showed me how to survive deployments, how not to sweat the small stuff and always had an extra spot at her dinner table. I'd also like to thank my mother who came to my rescue by dropping everything to fly cross country to take me to the hospital, always helps me when I need it most, and loves me for who I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who means so much to this family. Safe travels for all our loved ones on the road this busy holiday season.

November 20, 2008

Correction and Olivia's Sick

My wonderful sister pointed out to me this morning that I called the large animals in the refuge by the wrong name. There are bison...not buffalo...roaming the vast expanse of the refuge. LOL, I get it but the locals think those that say bison are crazy and people down here are just that...crazy. Buffalo are in Africa and bison are here in North America. Well, it was still an enjoyable day watching the bison/buffalo in the park.

Oh, and this morning at 4am, Olivia woke up throwing up everywhere. After an early trip to Walmart for Pedialite, she is sleeping soundly. It's the first time she's actually been throw up sick so she's not feeling so hot. Hopefully, this will pass soon and I won't get sick.

November 19, 2008

Wichita Wildlife Refuge

Olivia and I went exploring the Wildlife Refuge 3 miles from our house today. I wanted to see buffalo since they haven't been out the last few times we've past through, and we found 2. Both were right by the road, darn near 100 ft from the car, and Olivia did see them from the back seat. The buffalo pictured below was laying down at first and was taking a dirt bath by kicking its feet into the air to get his/her back...quite a sight to see. Then it rubbed its huge head against the poll it was standing by...I think you can even see the rub marks from other buffalo. They are huge and the last time I remember being so close to one, I was 4 or something and camped out in Yellowstone with my family. We also checked out the visitor's center and Olivia enjoyed the children's section. It had interesting information about learning the various animal's scat...guess what that is? Poo!!

Not Much

There isn't much going on here at the house. Finally, the weather is cooling off which gives us a much needed break from the AC...which at times has been on during the day this past week. We really need to put heat film on all the window's facing south to help keep the living room cooler. Right now around 3pm there is a defineate temp difference between the living room and the hallway.

Oh, we had a security alarm installed just a few weeks ago. Ryan and I are getting used to turning it on in the evening and when we leave the house. It's nice to feel safe and secure (more so actually) when Ryan is at work.

Olivia is growing like a weed and finally hit the 20Ib mark. She's now legal to sit facing forward in the car. Also, she just under 31inches. We find it ironic that she is so tiny when her parents are so tall.

That's all for now. Must clean the kitchen and start preparing to host the December coffee for the Marine wives...what have I gotten myself into? Oh, I love it.

November 15, 2008

Welcome Lydia Cagle!!!

Travis, Lydia and Sarah Cagle

Proud New Dad!!

Finally together after waiting for so long

Ryan and I, along with Olivia, welcomed Lydia Cagle into this world last night at 12:39am. Ryan's sister Sarah, and her husband Travis, called at 5am yesterday morning telling us it was time and they were heading to the hospital. After receiving news Sarah was 9cm at 4 pm yesterday, we thought for sure Lydia would say hello before midnight. However, she had other plans and after 3 hrs of solid pushing by Sarah, a c-section was performed as Lydia just would not fit. So many people are excited to meet Lydia, who was 6 Ibs 11oz and 20 inches, although our turn won't come until Christmas time. We are so proud of Sarah for being such a trooper and sticking it out until the time came to go into the OR. Travis and Sarah have an adorable baby girl and we are so happy for the new family of 3!!!

November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday USMC!!

Happy 233rd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!! This year was especially exciting because after all the festivities, Ryan and I could come home and sleep in our own bed. Oh, and I also got a new dress that wasn't red!! The night was very enjoyable but good friends of ours were unable to attend. Matt was out of town so his wife Trisha graciously volunteered to watch Olivia for us...and even attempt to put her to bed. Olivia enjoyed playing with Trisha's girls, Chloe and Cahla and their 11 month old son, Mathan. Ryan and I enjoyed slow dances and great company until we decided to pick up Olivia, travel the 20 min to our home and collapse into bed...again, the best part of the night. Thank you Trisha for watching Olivia.

Happy Halloween!!

The view of our street is behind me.

Our street this year was very quite for Trick-or-Treating. Last year we lived on base in 29 Palms, Ca and it is tradition that kids Trick-or-Treat between 6 and 8 pm. The hours were set this year for our new town of Cache, Ok, however, we only had 1 kid come by compared to the 200 kids last year. The fire pit was out in our driveway and was nice to have once the sun went down but no one was here to enjoy it with us. Our good friends Nick and Laura Whitefield are in Quantico this year so Ryan and I enjoyed watch the stars and kept the fire going.

Olivia went as a Vikings Cheerleader and walked across the street to become the neighbor's one and only Trick-or-Treater. She's still young enough not to understand what the holiday is about and was a bit scared when the strange man put candy in her bucket. She enjoyed taking candy out of her bucket in our driveway and try to eat through the wrapper. Success came when we weren't paying attention and she ate through the foil of a Reese's Piece but she was able to spit the foil out before swallowing...bad mom and dad for not paying attention.

The night concluded without any other kids coming down our street so we now have a gallon ziplock bag full of candy in our freezer. At least next year we know to go to a party somewhere and won't have to buy as much candy.