September 24, 2009

Silly Joke of the Day

Where do you find a dog with no legs?

...Right where you left him.

Ok, not the greatest joke but it made me laugh out load a bit.

Nothing new to report just yet. As most of you already know from talking to me or from the wonderful world of facebook (which I'm horribly addicted to), I'm due tomorrow, see the doctor again on the 29th and if all else fails, will be induced on Oct. 2nd.

Ugg! Just waiting around, moving slowly and hoping to go into labor soon.

September 8, 2009

Devil Dog 5K

This past weekend, the Marine Corps Detachment here at Ft Sill hosted the 16th Annual Devil Dog Run. Last year, I ran the 5K but this year decided to walk instead, I wonder why? Ryan didn't want me to go into labor on the 5K course while he ran a different 10K course so he and Olivia walked with me. It was a lot of fun. I had many friends cheering me on throughout the course since they know I am 37 weeks pregnant. My completion time was 56 mins, not bad really, and I wasn't the last person to cross the finish line. All in all, I was sore afterwards but after a good nap I was back to normal.

Now we're just waiting for Justin's arrival, something we were both hoping the walk would accomplish.

Custom Curtains

Top of Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

While Ryan was in 29 Palms again for two weeks, my mom graciously came and stayed with Olivia and me just in case baby Justin decided to appear early. No, he's not here as of yet but I wish he was. While trying to put up window coverings in Justin's room, we quickly realized all our large windows are too big for store bought curtains, or premade wooden blinds. So after moving the livingroom curtains I got from Ikea, the only place I can find store bought curtains 118 inches long, into Justin's room there was nothing left in the living room. That's when I got the bright idea to use my new sewing machine and mom's advanced knowledge in sewing, she made all her clothes in high school/college, to make curtains for the living room window. It's amazing how quickly small projects turn into large projects. The project grew into making thermal backed curtains for the diningroom, a cute tie back for the back door, matching curtains for the kitchen and front door and another thrermal backed curtain for the laundry room, which previously only had tin foil in the window. After three days of non stop work, we completed the project and there is a huge difference in the temperature of the living room. The curtains look great and if it weren't for my aunt also coming for a week's visit at the same time, the project never would have been complete. Aunt Deed kept Olivia busy by painting her toes, playing with her in her room and kept her little tummy fed. Thanks Mom and Aunt Deed for all your help!!

September 1, 2009

36 weeks

Today I'm currently 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant but I feel like its already been 40 weeks. Justin keeps growing and growing and running out of room. My mom's been here for the past two weeks and the last few days we've been making curtains with blackout liners for the south facing side of the house. They look great (pictures to come when the project if finally finished). She leaves in two days and there's a lot left to be done.

Ryan and I made a trip up to OKC with Olivia to Babies'R'Us and got some really cool things for Justin's room. The glider I picked out is so very comfortable and the bedding Ryan picked out is adorable (again, pictures to come when the room is finally finished). We've moved Ryan's childhood dresser into Justin's room and now just need a more perminate place to change him other than the little changer on the pack'n'play.

Olivia is growing by leaps and bounds. She's singing and talking more in 3-4 word sentenses. She's retaining a lot of words and information. A little sponge is what Olivia is so Ryan and I must keep our languange in check, and actions.

This Saturday, at 37 weeks pregnant, I plan to walk the Devil Dog 5K with Olivia and Ryan. I'm hoping that puts me into labor and we can finally meet Justin.

Other than that, we're still here...just really busy.