February 1, 2010

Ice Storm

How we are spending our days in the hotel...make each other laugh

The storm wasn't even over yet and this is how much ice we had

Hanging out in the living room to stay warm

Ryan's poor truck was stuck outside

The worst ice storm that I can remember came through town last Thursday and dumped an inch of ice onto everything. Ryan can home about noon on Thursday after having to go into work in the rain. About 2pm everything was starting to form ice on it and then the power went out by 4pm. We had enough wood, water, battery's and food to last us through Thursday night. Olivia couldn't sleep with the fire going...she kept staring in wonder at the flames, so I took her in our bed with lots of blankets to sleep. Ryan stayed out in the livingroom to man the fire...the one thing I insisted on having in our house, with Justin in the pack'n'play near the fire to stay warm, until 1:30am when I switched with him so he could get some sleep.

We then recalculated the amount of wood we had Friday morning and determined that we couldn't last until Monday when the power would be restored. So, thanks to my wonderful aunt who made our reservation, we got a hotel room down in Wichita Falls, TX (about an hour south of our house) with a microwave and mini-fridge. Hotels in Lawton booked up Thursday night and not all of Lawton lost power. Hotels here booked up fast Friday as people from all over OK made their way south.

Could we have survived in our house, sure...by why stay? Upon returning yesterday, the thermometer in the house registered 47 degrees. Needless to say, we are going stir crazy here in the hotel, the kids sleeping schedules are all screwed up but we're glad to have someplace warm and cozy that is our own. We have friends we could have stayed with in town but this means the kids can nap and we have a place of our own.

Now we're just waiting for the power to be restored. First we were told, Monday, then Tues, then Sunday neighbor's said it was back on. But this morning there wasn't any power, don't know where they got their information. Now it could be on this evening but it looks like it's tomorrow. I'm planning a trip back to my parents house in WI at this point because it'd be more fun waiting up there then here in a silly hotel room.

But the adventure continues as the kids are napping now and I'm blogging in the dark. Oh, I do get to go to Target now...it's right down the road! LOL!