December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas

This year has just flown by for our family. We started out in 29 Palms, CA and are now settled into our new home near Fort Sill, OK. It certainly feels like winter with the chilly weather and blistering wind. I think it might be worse that 29 Palms wind, minus the sand. The house is all decorated, the tree is up and Christmas cookies are warm from the oven. We'll be traveling back up north to meet our new niece Lydia and to visit family and friends. Our Christmas will be celebrated early and then we'll drive the new van north (cats included). We do hope everyone has a safe, exciting holiday season, and we wish the best for the New Year. To our friends from CA...enjoy the winter weather while you can...cause it's cold everywhere else!


The Whitefields said...

Don't you love this time of year? I love living in a place that is actually COLD during the holidays...makes everything that more festive, you know? Nothing beats decorating for Christmas while baking cookies and wearing a big sweater! I LOVE it!

Are you guys getting a new car?!!

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

We just bought a van...but the great thing is it has power doors and lift gate! I don't like mini-vans but I enjoy this one, LOL.