October 13, 2009

Justin Ryan Collins

Justin Ryan Collins joined our family on Friday, October 2, 2009 at 3:46pm. He weighed 7 Ibs. 12.8 oz and 21.4 inches long. After only 6 hours of induced labor, in which Tina handled the pain well, we were finally a family of four. Olivia stayed with friends and Ryan was a great coach. Tina was a model patient according to her awesome nurse, Alice. We've been home for over a week now, Ryan has been home the entire time too!! A big help since he lets me sleep in and gets up with Olivia (who today decided it was time to get up at 6am). Justin get the hiccups all the time and they go away as fast as they come. We've figured out he gets gas really easily so the Mylicon drops are always at the ready. He's put himself on a 2-3 hr feeding schedule so the nights aren't that bad. I say that now since I can sleep in a bit but getting up with Olivia and the possiblity of not getting a nap when Ryan goes back to work is not appealing right now. Til next time!!

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