November 9, 2009

One Month Old

Starting to smile!!

He's just adorable no matter what face he makes.

One Month old exactly

Pardon my appearance, I have a newborn baby boy!

Justin is now 1 month plus 7 days old. He's about 10 Ibs already and growing much faster than Olivia ever did. She took 2 months to gain 3 Ibs and its only took Justin his first 3 weeks to gain 2 Ibs. We love having him here. Olivia helps by getting diapers, pacifiers, and blankets for Mommy and Daddy. She always asks to hold him but then insists we put him down when she demands, very adorable. He's started to smile at us and give a cooing cry when he's happy. His crys are also changing when he's upset. Feeding time is still about every 3 hrs but I swear he went almost 6 last night. Does that mean I got 6 straight hours of sleep, no...only got about 4, but that's better than nothing. Ryan is very helpful and even gives me relaxing back rubs at 5am after I feed Justin and just before he gets up for the day. What a great hubby!!

Life in our house is adjusting well. I'm able to go out with both kids for quick trips to Walmart and the Commissary. I even took them to the mall to shop for new jeans for myself. We travel on base often to have lunch with Ryan, always a treat for everyone.

I mentioned to Ryan last night that I don't feel as tired with Justin as I did with Olivia. It's funny how sleep deprivation never really goes away after you have your first child. Pardon my appearance in photos because even though I have dark circles under my eyes, I'm happy and alert.

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