December 17, 2010

Marine Detachment Christmas Party

Olivia loved watching the band
So did Justin!
Olivia was looking so forward to the Christmas Party this year because Santa was coming to give her a present.  Despite showing over the top excitement with Santa at Sear's a few weeks ago, this time we think the other kids made her a bit nervous.  She wouldn't go up to Santa without Daddy's hand.

Waiting for Santa to give the kids their gifts

Sometimes you take the pictures you can get!

As always, Justin really did not want to sit on Santa's lap so this is the best I could get of the two of them.  We think Justin just wanted to walk around and play, that it had nothing specifically to do with Santa.  Olivia really enjoyed talking one-on-one with Santa.  When asked in the car on the ride home what she asked Santa for, she replied Rollerskates.   I think think the big guy will come through on her simple request since that is something she asked the other Santa for as well.
Thank you Santa!
Thank you Santa!

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