July 6, 2011

Baby 3.0

Yesterday, Ryan and I went for my 20 week ultrasound.  Although I was technically 22 week and 1 day, the ultrasound was scheduled so Ryan could attend.  We took bets as to if the baby was a boy or a girl...I said boy, he said girl.  Pictures and will have to wait since I'm not at my computer, which houses all the pictures (sorry).

This place was awesome, Woodwinds in Woodbury, MN.  Just in the two years since we had Justin's ultrasound, the technology has improved so much it was like looking at a 3D ultrasound.  The pictures were crisp, clear and showed the baby's movement very well.  We saw the baby yawn, suck its thumb and just tumble around!

Good thing our tech, Becky, asked if we wanted to know the gender, because as soon as she put the prob on my belly, the baby was bottom up and legs apart...BOY!! Plain as day and it was a wonderful sight to see.  I was right.  My brain has told me since we heard the first heartbeat it was a boy.  Both this little guy (no name yet) and Justin's 12 week heartbeats were right around or below 150...Olivia's was up in the 170s.

I asked Becky for some pictures, and she delivered.  We have arms, legs, nose/mouth, fingers, toes, hands, head, and of course the most important picture...gender! She said our baby boy looks good, no extra fingers or toes and weighs in at 1Ib. The baby is measuring 2 days behind my due date but with this kid, anything is possible.  I just hope my mom can come down in time to watch my other two while I'm in the hospital with this one!

So we leave MN in a week and take the following week to travel down through Ohio and Tennessee, to see family, before accepting our house in Quantico. Now that we know we're having another son (thankfully in the same season as Justin so we can reuse his clothes) we are both itching to get to our own house, to have our own space again and get our new flat screen TV.  After 2 months of big screen tv's our little 27 inch tube tv will no do anymore!

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Am Ampersand A said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on your fun-filled family of five! This just goes to show that Mom is always right. :)