October 5, 2008

Renaissance Festival and Traveling Home

Our week long vacation up in the great north ended with a trip to the Renaissance Festival held every year just south of the Twin Cities. It has been a tradition for years for the Collins women to go and this year Olivia and I were invited. We spent the day walking around an authentic village with employees, vendors and patrons all dressed in period attire. The weather was nice and pleasant making the day just that more enjoyable. We saw jousting and ate spinach pie. Before leaving we stopped by to get our picture taken in period attire, yet another festival tradition. Olivia really enjoyed pointing and saying 'doggie' to the very large, non-neutered, 1 yr old dog.

On our travels home, Olivia found the baby bouncy seat in the Armed Services Center (similar to a USO) at the MSP Airport. Then while waiting for the flight from Dallas to Lawton, she enjoyed her raisins and sat still for a cute photo op. All in all, she did very well traveling with little or no sleep for that day. I love her to death but I'm looking very forward to traveling back north with the help of Daddy.

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Patti said...

No matter how well behaved, it still has to be hard to travel with Olivia by yourself. Good for you though. Glad you enjoyed the north country for a while!