October 31, 2008

Learning Fast!

Olivia is learning new things everyday and very fast. Now, she is able to sign "sippy cup" and tell us "hi". When I took my toe nail polish off to redo it for the USMC Birthday Ball tomorrow, Olivia immediately sat down, took off her socks and started to rub her toes with a cotton ball. She takes tissues and rubs her nose like Daddy does when he must blow his nose. Climbing onto the couch to snuggle is no longer a challange anymore, she can do it with easy. Need less to say, we're going to have to watch what we do and say because her little ears pick up everything. It's fun and exciting watching her learn something new and then have the ability to show us these new things. We are amazed at her and love her with all our being.


Erika said...

I am finding it amazing how fast they learn! Hunter went from just learning to crawl, to pulling up on things, to cruising in no time! Next it will be walking I am sure!

Stacy said...

She wants her first pedicure, mom! That's too cute.