April 27, 2009

First Official Tornado Siren

After living down near Dallas, TX for 5 years as a kid, I cannot recall ever hearing a tornado siren go off. Last night, after almost a year of living in our house here in OK, the tornado siren a block away, went off. We had a heavy rainfall but it was too dark to see anything. It only lasted 5 mins or so but we got Olivia out of bed and took her into the bathroom. She slept through the entire process since I just sat with her and rocked her to keep her asleep. Ryan gathered the computer, phones, water and tuna. Then after the siren stopped, we could have gotten another round of heavy rain so I put jackets, shoes, fire box, wallets, diapers and wipes into the bathroom. The cats also had their collars put on them in case they got out people would know they're not strays (which there are a lot of around here). Honestly, if the house did get blown away, they'd most likely stick around here...they're such home-bodies.

Nothing happened, for those of you thinking, "OMG!!!" Olivia slept well the rest of the night, Ryan and I went to bed with no worries at all. I just think our first experience with the tornado siren was a good one....let's just hope living in tornado alley allows us to keep having good experiences.

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The Whitefields said...

I would have been terrified hearing that alarm! I lived in Texas my entire life and have never heard a tornado alarm. But...I LOVE storms so I probably would have been a little excited. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpour...bring it on! Theres just something comforing about it...I guess because I remember my entire family sitting outside watching thunder clouds move it. Kinda weird, but those were good memories. Anyways...glad you guys were ok and didn't have to really worry. At least you know you have that warning in case a major one ever does head your way.