April 21, 2009

Just Because

I must brag on Ryan as the best husband in the world. Olivia and I were outside enjoying a warm and windless afternoon, when Ryan came home from work and took flowers out of his truck. I immediately smiled and asked if the flowers were for Mother's Day (he'll be gone this year for training back in 29 Palms). He replied, "No, they're just because I felt like it." OMG!!! This man is wonderful. It's been a while since he's brought me 'Just Because' flowers and I love him so much. He's been busy getting back into shape after eye surgery (doctor's said no working out for a long time to avoid sweat dripping into the eyes, causing him to wipe his eyes which is a big no no after surgery), so between that, his master classes and work, he's been a very busy man. I am proud of him for going back to school to advance his military career for the betterment of this family. He is a great dad, husband and I am proud to call him mine!!

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The Whitefields said...

How sweet! Kudos to Ryan! Those are the best gifts-for no reason at all. And they are beautiful!!! Yay!

Now if it was Nick...I would have wondered if he bought some major purchase and was trying to be all nice before dropping the bomb :)