May 18, 2010

Olivia turns 3!!

Olivia celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday.  Time has just flown way to fast.  It's nearly the middle of 2010 and it feels like yesterday we were just waiting for her to start to walk.  We watched the video of her as a new newborn in the hospital and coming home from the NICU.  That was per her request.  She is completely potty trained, no longer needs pacifiers at night and has a vocabulary that is just exploding.

Have to mention that Justin is starting to rock up onto his knees and his cutting his 5th and 6th tooth!


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! What a big girl on her pink bike! Ok, Maddie hasn't cut one tooth yet, I can't believe Justin has 6. Crazy kids! I love the picture of Ryan holding the two kids on your header, it's precious.

Erika said...

Happy birthday Olivia!