February 6, 2011

snow day

first snow angel

After the weather cleared up a bit and the temp warmed up a few degrees, Olivia desperately wanted to go outside.  Luckily, we had her snow gear from Christmas and so she and I ventured out.  She LOVED running around the yard, and sliding down the snow pile at the end of the driveway. 

Such a 180* reaction from Christmas, when she did not even want to make a snow angel.  But to give her credit, the snow at Nana and Papa's house was over her knees and she couldn't walk. I even had trouble walking which I am sure she took as a big problem and freaked out about walking herself, really do not blame her.  This time the snow was the perfect depth so she felt confident about getting "stuck." 

I promise to post pictures of Justin in the snow, as soon as we get him snow boots.  Oklahoma does not even sell snow shovels and what they consider winter boots will not make the cut for MN winters. 

Olivia, despite rosy cheeks, did not want to come inside and would have played until she couldn't feel her toes if we let her.  Her giggles filled the air as she bound from one snow drift to another.  She kept talking about Dora and her friends, making up stories about playing with them while scooping up snow in her tiny sand shovel.  It was a great day!

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Erika said...

Hunter and Lillian LOVED being outside too! They didn't want to come back inside either!