August 9, 2011


With Ryan having already gone back to school, my goal was to have every box unpacked...yeah right, in this house hold, forget it!!  I know I need to relax and take a load off my feet, however, I have this nagging feeling to get everything in its place. Nesting maybe?

After having cleaned out our old house in Oklahoma to sell it, everything was so much easier to keep clean.  Of course, I only had two little one's and myself to keep after so it was pretty easy to clean up after meal time because I rarely cooked full meals.  I want to get this house feeling like everything has its own place, but I'm struggling...big time.

Not only am I dealing with a bigger house with a few less storage options (we had built in shelving in all of our closets) despite having more linen closet space and a huge laundry/storage room.  We've already given several boxes away of things we do not need anymore and have many more to give, but bending over and picking up every little thing is getting to me. I tire our much more quickly.  Yes, I am 27 weeks pregnant but feel more like 34 weeks!!

I want to relax with my kids, play with my family, cook wonderful meals for my husband, but feel everything else gets in the way.  It was hard for me to fall asleep last night because I could not shut my brain down thinking of all the things that need to get done. Finding wall space for all our pictures, putting them up or back in a box, getting a desk for Ryan's school work, do we need a bench next to the back door for shoes, bags, my purse and diaper bag? yes, but what kind, the budget needs to be looked at again and recalculated.  Lots going on inside my head, not to mention our little baby boy loves to go his gymnastics when I lay down to sleep!

Ryan is so supportive of me during this pregnancy, but sometimes I feel I am not doing my job properly.  Everything about this pregnancy, including my energy level and capability to complete tasks, is so different from my last two pregnancies.  I just feel like I am falling behind and cannot keep up or get ahead.  I know that things will improve, they must since the baby's room is still full of boxes. 

All I can do at this point is take deep breaths and slow down...hopefully!

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Anonymous said...

Chill child, all will be ok. Don't sweat the small stuff, you have the "big" stuff under control. Relax, or you will drive yourself nuts. I love you, MOM