August 4, 2011

summer fun

While we have a gorgeous swimming pool at our disposal here on base, the kids and I prefer to play in our tiny, but functional backyard.
  Justin is getting to the point he loves to do things by himself including filling up the pool.

I played around with my camera settings and got this great action shot.  They kept giggling with the water going everywhere.  It was super hot and humid so the cool water was very refreshing.

Ryan pulled out this Buzz Lightyear Rocket water toy from a box and I was super worried it wouldn't work.  Got it for Christmas last year and the Oklahoma winds would have frozen the water before it even hit the ground, so it was great to see it actually work.  They LOVE this toy!
(the rocket is just above the white garage doing flips in the air)

It was hot enough, I was more comfortable in my swimsuit than clothes!

Olivia enjoyed taking the pool water and painting with water using some sort of seeded weed bud.  She kept painted despite the ground being completely saturated with water.  Justin joined her on the steps to watch.  I got lucky with a few shots, but of course, none include both looking at the camera lens at the same time.

We're still unpacking the last few boxes, full of random little crap, and trying to find a place for everything.  Even though our house is bigger, the closets do not have as many built in shelves as the closets in Oklahoma, so we're down furniture and organizational tools to get everything straight.  Got the garage partly completed to put the van back in the garage, just have to stash all the decorations up in the rafters (plywood already up to create a huge shelf).  It will be nice when everything is completed!! Pictures to come later!

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