September 28, 2011

No news is good news

WOW! I need to step up my blogging.  But sometimes I feel I have nothing interesting to say or no body is reading, so what's the point.  Well, I have news!

Don't worry, the baby is fine, due date still Nov. 7th, measuring on track, however, we won't know where we're going next until Feb.

We are in limbo until sometime early 2012 when we'll get word we'll move cross country, down south or around the world! I've learned not to hold my breath about getting a particular duty station, considering my complete meltdown during TBS.  I actually pounded my fist on the steering wheel when told we were heading to 29 Palms, California but little did I know waiting for me was a person I consider one of my best friends. 

Now, I'm kinda excited to not know where our next destination til after our little lad is a bit older. Takes one more thing off my shoulders right now that I can deal with later.  Between not sleeping well at night and having only 1 monthish left til baby arrives, I don't want to deal with the mental task of reorganizing my house in my head before I have even planned where my Christmas decorations are going in this house.

Some people HAVE to know where to go, I being one of those people last time, but not now! No, sir!! I am content in living in the moment, walking my daughter to her school bus, giggling with my son for an hour and not getting my work done because we took a walk!!  Sure, I have preferences and dreams of the perfect house, but know I have friends around the world and that's all that matters. 

Living in a new place is always exciting to me.  After learning to love 29 Palms, a place I would not mind going back to, and having a wonderful labor and delivery at a hospital where so many horror stories circulated, I've come to the make a situation great by searching out what makes it great!! 

So...I'm off to organize my to do list for the spouse coffee I am hosting tomorrow.  Oh, and clean the house, which I already did on Monday but alas must do again!!

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Anonymous said...

I check you blog almost daily to see if you have any updates. I like it better than facebook !! Love ya