October 8, 2011

love for daddy

The kids know something is up...that their brother is small, mommy has to go to lots of appointments, and he'll be here soon.  Olivia more than Justin, maybe, but they both know.

It breaks my heart when Ryan leaves for work or to go running and both kids spiral out of control.  When tired, they break down and cry, not wanting him to leave.  I feel helpless in trying to console them, but try my best.

Justin wants nothing to do with me for a few minutes and Olivia just stands there looking out the window.  Even though it breaks my heart, its nice to see them show so much love and emotion toward their dad.  They love him so much and I know the next deployment (whenever that is) will be super hard on them, and me.

We are a very close, snuggly kind of family and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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