October 19, 2011

been Booed

A new tradition began this year at our house, we've been Booed.  Yesterday morning, as Ryan left the house for work, he found a bag on our front steps with a ghost on it and the word Boo.  To our surprise, it is a game the neighborhood is playing this year. I've been seeing the ghosts taped to front door's and was wondering if I missed an email from housing about displaying something for Trick-or-Treating.

The object of this game is to keep it going.  There is a ghost in the bag, a poem and lots of Halloween goodies for the kids.  You put the ghost on your door so you don't get booed again and pass the boo onto two other families in the neighborhood.  Basically, you place a brown paper bag with candy in it on the door step of any house without a ghost on the front door.  The poem is super cute and its a wonderful game to play with the kids.

Who ever booed us knew we had two kids and a girl in the house.  Olivia got a candy necklace and bracelet, there were two of every candy, some crayons and glow sticks.  Again, this is such an awesome game.  We immediately went out to return the favor.  Some friends down the street had not been booed yet so we set our sights on their house.

We filled the bag with goodies and Olivia delivered it after dinner.  It was scheduled to rain in the morning so we risked getting caught to ensure we were the ones to boo our friends.  And...we got caught! Despite not seeing any lights on in the house, they were home and answered the door.  Despite my best efforts to run back down the street pregnant with a two year old by my side, we were spotted.  Oh well, its still a fun game and Olivia had so much fun carrying the bag up to their house and ringing the door bell then running like mad!!!

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