April 5, 2012

the unknown is scary

We've been house hunting the last few days here at Camp Lejeune, our future home in about 6 weeks. It's been a struggle to find a decent rental without paying out the nose or having to deal with horrible base traffic. I was so looking forward to not having to deal with traffic anymore!

Our favorite house was snatched out from under us just hours after viewing it, but we didn't learn about it til the next morning. I started to panic. I'd love base housing but there's now a 6-8 month wait for the 4 bedroom, which we desperately need.  Most 4 bedroom rentals are up in Jacksonville, but Ryan would have to deal with horrible traffic to and from work. The commute from the southern part of the area would be fantastic for Ryan but there are only a handful of rentals, and one less now that our favorite house is off the market. My brain hurts just recalling all the options we have. Do we wait til he checks in to find out the base housing situation and risk not getting a good rental in town, or do we secure housing now and get on the inactive housing list.  Choices, choices, and more choices.

The best thing about this trip is seeing the excitement in the kids faces as we reached the top of the sand dune and they saw the ocean for the first time. Olivia loves the water, Justin loves the sand and Liam just loves to be with me on the beach.  Can't wait to come back to the beach for a full day of sand, sun and relaxation!

Pictures are loading wayyy to slow and the beach rental must be cleaned before we leave. Will post more pictures about the beach from home!

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