March 16, 2012

no more ice cream

There's a wonderful place, used to be wonderful. There's a place about 3 miles from the house that serves soft-serve ice cream called JoJo's. Is it just called soft-serve or can we add the ice cream description? Mmm, not sure. Anyway. The weather has been fantastic so we ventured out to JoJo's for soft-serve.
 You can see Ryan behind the little girls head who's looking at the camera, waiting to order our yummy dessert.
 Last time we went Liam wasn't born yet, so it was super fun to take the whole family to JoJo's.
 Because of the warm weather, there were lots of people so it took a while for us to get our order.
 I have no idea what kind of face she's making but this is what I got when I said "Smile."
 As Ryan put it, in concern for keeping Justin's teeth healthy, he gave him all the banana's he wanted and bit the bullet by eating all the ice cream! That man can make a simple banana split into a funny HAHA.
 There's even a place out back for the kids to play while for their yummy dessert.
 Olivia got her standard chocolate cone, Ryan got the banana split and shared with Justin. I took a chance and got the Strawberry Shortcake Shake. Oh. My. Goodness!! It was heaven. Just the right amount of shortcake combined with the cream smoothness that comes with cream, cream and oh, more cream. I don't even want to know the amount of calories I consumed that night but it was soooo good.
Apparently, we need to teach J-Man how to hold the bat.

I mentioned in the beginning that JoJo's WAS a wonderful place to go on a warm spring night for soft serve. Because, it came out in a news report the owner of JoJo's was arrested on child molestation charges stemming from an investigation that started back in August 2010. He's charged with 23 counts of various acts that are far to many to mention. It's really sad to think about such a wonderful local family attraction has someone so vial operating the business. JoJo's contributed a lot to the community, which is wonderful, but doesn't make up for what this horrible man did to a young 13 year old boy.

We will be making the 7 mile trek south to the franchise Maggie Moo's if we want ice cream from now on. Or maybe, we'll just get our own ice maker and create our own ice cream. Maybe we'll even spring for the electric version, although I do have fond memories of turning that crank because if we didn't help, we didn't get ice cream!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, no crank, no ice cream. Since the kids are so little and won't really be of much help, get an electric one. Remember the assignment you had in school where you volunteered to bring homemade ice cream and you told me about it the night before it was due? That is when we got an electric ice cream maker!!! Great story, good lookin family. Love, MOM