November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The view of our street is behind me.

Our street this year was very quite for Trick-or-Treating. Last year we lived on base in 29 Palms, Ca and it is tradition that kids Trick-or-Treat between 6 and 8 pm. The hours were set this year for our new town of Cache, Ok, however, we only had 1 kid come by compared to the 200 kids last year. The fire pit was out in our driveway and was nice to have once the sun went down but no one was here to enjoy it with us. Our good friends Nick and Laura Whitefield are in Quantico this year so Ryan and I enjoyed watch the stars and kept the fire going.

Olivia went as a Vikings Cheerleader and walked across the street to become the neighbor's one and only Trick-or-Treater. She's still young enough not to understand what the holiday is about and was a bit scared when the strange man put candy in her bucket. She enjoyed taking candy out of her bucket in our driveway and try to eat through the wrapper. Success came when we weren't paying attention and she ate through the foil of a Reese's Piece but she was able to spit the foil out before swallowing...bad mom and dad for not paying attention.

The night concluded without any other kids coming down our street so we now have a gallon ziplock bag full of candy in our freezer. At least next year we know to go to a party somewhere and won't have to buy as much candy.

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The Whitefields said...

Great post, Tina! You and Ryan looked amazing on ball night...I loved the color of your dress! We had a great time with you two last year in Vegas and hopefully there will be many future balls spent together :) And Olivia is just the cutest vikings cheerleader every! Glad you guys had a good Halloween...extra candy sitting around isn't always a bad thing!