July 22, 2009

Not too much longer

There's only 10 weeks left til my due date and so much needs to be done still. I have successfully re-organized our garage with the addition of 3 new heavy duty shelves. Thanks Sarah H. for helping me move stuff around. It was a great day to be outside so I was able to get a lot done while Olivia napped.

Justin's room is still a mess and really still an office storage space/guest room. Paint needs to be applied to the walls, a dresser must be purchased, a glider and ottoman and changing station (well, that's part of the dresser) must find a home, oh and it must be cleared out, LOL. My neighbor is only 3 or so weeks ahead of me with her first child and her nursery looks like it came out of a magazine. The crib, dresser, glider are in their places. The closet is neatly organized and everything has it's own place. And here we are without even a carseat or new double stroller picked out...ironic!! The joy's of first time parent hood and the reality of doing it all again. We'll be ready though, just in time too! The only space left in the house is under our bed but nothing can be moved around til the bed is lifted with bed risers. Oh my, my head hurts now!! It's all worth it.

This pregnancy has gone very well. It's much different than last time. I'm not getting kicked in the ribs but instead have constant pressure with the constant kicking of my bladder. Being more active with a toddler means my back is always sore. This means I must take it a bit slower, but do I, no...not silly me. Again, don't worry!!! Justin moves a lot while I'm trying to go to sleep and in the wee hours of the morning. He moves so much differently that Olivia, with fast and short movements.

I have another appointment next Wed and will find out the results of my glucose test. Ryan was nice enough to take Olivia (in PJ's and all) to work with him so I could rush in asap when the clinic opened to be the first in line to wait an hr for the silly drink to work its magic. It was very nice sitting in the waiting room knitting Justin's hat instead of keeping a sleep eyed toddler entertained. Olivia has been really good about kissing my belly if she leans on it or accidentily pushes the wrong way. She says "boo boo" and really does look sorry.

Her favorite books right now are about babies and big sisters. She loves to find out what Justin will wear, where he'll sleep and ride and what he'll eat. She's going to be a great big sister, as long as I can calmly include her to help me fetch diapers and telephones when they ring when I'm stressed and tired after he's born.

Well, must bake some cookies while she's sleeping!

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The Whitefields said...

Love the update! I cannot believe you are so close...its gone by so fast, at least for me! :) I still remember when I was talking to Mrs. Bolton and she mentioned how you just found out you were pregnant. Seems like yesterday.

Counting down these last few weeks until Justin's arrival. I have no doubt he'll be just as adorable as Olivia. Wishing you the very best!

Oh and I love hearing about Olivia becoming a big sister-too cute!