July 7, 2009

Loads of updates

I challenged my friend, Joni, to see who could update our blogs first. We've both been very busy the month of June and haven't had time to share our adventures with anyone. I sit here as Olivia finishes her breakfast, after playing outside while I complete the much needed weed wacking, and thought what a perfect time to write a little something.

The last posting had something to do with Chicago, it's been too long, bad Tina! The entire month of June was spent at my parents house in WI relaxing, going to the airport with my dad and visiting the in-laws. Some of the major things that happened were quite exciting.

Several times I went with Dad out to the the airport to work on the Bamboo Bomber. It's a 1943 large twin engine aircraft that is gorgeous. Not many left in working condition so it's really neat to have access to one. We took the prop off one engine since it was leaking and took it to get fixed. A week or so later, Olivia came with us to pick it back up...it looked like a brand new prop.

Dad and I flew a twin-engine Apache airplane to Chicago to pick up my sister Katie for a week of fun. The trip was a bit bumpy since we traveled at 11,000 ft and through clouds. Think about flying through a bowl full of cotton balls then hitting potholes in the road and that was the trip, fun all the same. We saw Katie's new apartment...very nice, and had lunch at Potbelly's. The entire round trip took less time than it would have just to drive over to Chicago...gotta love airplanes. Olivia stayed with Mom and they enjoyed eachother's company a lot. The next day, Dad, Katie and I flew with several other people up to an airshow for the morning. It was really exciting because there were 4 aircraft of different decades flying formation. Katie and Dad lead the way in a World War II Navy N3N Biplane, next came the BirdDog (looks like a Piper Cub), then the 1940s twin-engine Apache, then myself with a friend of Dad's in RV. I took lots of pictures since the RV is an acrobatic aircraft and the slowest speed it could travel before stalling is 100mph (the N3N maxes out at 90mph), hence why we brought up the rear. I even got to wear a parachute for the first time since the RV can make rolls and loops. That evening, Olivia and I met up with the in-laws to go to Como Zoo in St. Paul.

Olivia played outside on my parents deck, along with the cats, every second she could. It was a bit chilly in the beginning but she was out there all the time. It was nice seeing her have so much fun. Nana got her a play tent that she proceeded to take all her bedtime items into and we even thought she'd nap out there but no luck.

We went over to Eden Prairie to the in-laws every Sunday so they could see Olivia. One Sunday we went to lake for a late lunch, early dinner, ice cream and playing on the playground. She got to see her cousin Lydia who has gotten quite big since we last saw her in March.

I to have gotten bigger. I went from looking like I'd gained 15 Ibs eating too much pasta to looking pregnant. Mom got me a bunch of new clothes and just spoiled me rotten. Back rubs, cooking dinner, making lunch. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom regularly, and kept Olivia's things pretty much in order. Had to do something to make my keep.

Ryan returned from CA at the end of June and both families got together at my parents house to celebrate both his and Olivia's birthdays as well as father's day. His flight was delayed then cancelled so Olivia was asleep at my parents house when he landed so I picked him up solo at the airport. It's weird having the homecoming all to myself and not sharing the join of seeing my husband after a while without other wives doing the same. It's good to have him back. Both Ryan and Olivia got great gifts. Ryan got Rock Band II, the only thing he's ever asked for, while Olivia got some dress up clothes, Mickey Mouse books, Little People Princess Castle and of course adorable clothes. Not only did they get great gifts, my parents surprised Ryan and me with a brand new Nikon D60, with an extra lens. I was shocked and Ryan was interested in Rock Band. I've been saying since my parents got their Nikon how I'd like one too, they take great pictures, and I'm so thankful for my parents ability to find great deals on electronics. Ryan treats the camera like a newborn child since we both know it won't be replaced if something happens.

Anyway, I think that covers the big adventures. I really just relaxed, oh and helped pull some trees in the backyard and took my dad's 1954 Cadillac out of the trailer and parked it in the garage.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures. Now wejust have to get this house in order for the arrival of our son. Much to do and very little time!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


Billie said...

Slight correction -- Bird Dog, not a Duckbird! Glad you had so much fun with us, I enjoyed spoiling both you and Olivia. Love Nana

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Oops! I knew it was something like that. Thanks for pointing out my animal to airplane mixup.

JStar said...

Glad Ryan is back! Cool camera too, Jim just got a new one for his birthday a Cannon SSi and he loves it. I like it a lot too. And I did update my blog with a few new posts! I think we both deserve a pat on the back for blogging again!