June 7, 2011

Surprise Visit

Ryan came up for a surprised weekend visit! I knew about it but the kids were in the dark. He walked in and their faces lite up and they had the biggest smiles! It was well worth everything to see him, even if it was just for the weekend.

 Kids wasted no time roping Daddy into playing with them...like it really took twisting his arm to get him to play! They colored...
They read story's outside in a very tiny tent...
 Rode rides at the Mall of America...

 Then, just before Ryan had to leave, we drove to the U of MN campus and stopped at the ROTC Armory.  We, well mostly me, finds it very cool we can take our kids back to the place Mommy and Daddy met before Olivia was even a twinkle in our eyes.  The campus looks older, with taller trees and a few new buildings.

 Many wonderful memories about our time there together were thought about today.  It was great!
 Then it was time to say 'See-You-Later."  Olivia really misses Daddy.
As do Justin and I.  It was truly a blessing to see Ryan, even for a short time.  The kids needed to have him hug them, kiss them and read them stories.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves and it is less than a month, Ryan will be back and we'll hang out a bit before taking our time driving down to VA.  Olivia is very excited to go to our new house in VA!

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