June 16, 2011


I am torn about how to proceed with this blog.  Normally, I post more detailed info about our adventures than I post on Facebook but always feel I HAVE to post something here instead of WANTING to post here.  Reading other friends blogs, I'm so drawn into their adventure by the great writing, awesome pictures, and format.  Then I feel I can't measure up to the same great standards and I feel my blog falls short.

SO, I'm asking for your help.  Just a little feed back to let me know how I'm doing entertaining you.  If my posts are too long and detailed, tell me.  If my posts lack enough pictures, tell me.  Any feedback would be appreciated because I only want to entertain my friends about our family adventures! You can message me on Facebook or post something here, your choice!

Thank You So Much


Billie said...

Your blog is great, just the right amount of text and pics, keep up the good work. Love, MOM

Am Ampersand A said...

I like reading your blog! It's better than looking at pictures on Facebook, because you always provide at least a little commentary and context as to what's going on in them. I love looking at and reading about your adorable kids!