January 10, 2012

snow bunny

We had our first real snow here in northern Virginia yesterday.  I knew it was going to rain but instead it snowed.  Olivia and Justin were super excited to see the snowflakes fall to the ground.  Actually, I don't recall Olivia ever actually seeing it snow.  Nothing stuck to the ground at first but then the flakes got bigger and fatter and wetter.  Perfect snowman making material.
 Liam was outside for just a little bit for his first snowfall. Once that cold snowflake hit his warm cute face, he wanted to go back inside.  I don't blame him at all.

 After dinner Olivia headed outside to play.  Why no pictures of Justin? He preferred to stay inside where it was toasty warm.  I dragged all three kids out to go to the commissary after nap time and I think he got his fair share of the snow.  It was coming down pretty hard.

Olivia woke up this morning talking about making her snowman.  It was super fun to play in the snow with her.  She would have stayed outside longer if I let her but her tiny hands were getting too red!

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