January 19, 2012


Ever since Olivia was born, people have said she's a spitin' image of Ryan.  I agreed when she was a baby but people are still saying it, and its something I can't see anymore.

Now that Liam is getting bigger, I think he's a good blend of both Ryan and myself, but people are again saying he looks just like Justin.  So I decided to do some investigating back into our collection of pictures.  Turns out everyone is right!

Holy Crap! They are like twins!!  Both photos were taken when the boys were two months old.  Can you guess who is who? Justin is on the left and Liam is on the right.

The more I look at them, the more differences I see, but at first glance, I thought I needed glasses.  They are definitely brothers.  Makes me excited to see what Liam will look like as he grows up. We also think Liam will have curly hair since he has the same hairline as Olivia, while Justin has a different hair line.  Hopefully we won't have to wait til Liam is a year old since Olivia couldn't grow hair til after she turned 1!

Here's a picture of Olivia and Justin at the same age in our Oklahoma kitchen.  Just goes to show how much faster my boys grow than my girl.

Justin at 13 months on the left and Olivia on the right. J-man is certainly taller than the second drawers and Olivia is not!

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