March 2, 2012

time flies

Liam's 4 month check up was today and he's a whopping 13 Ibs 1 oz and 24 inches long.  Only in the 19th percentile.  I guess he's just small, like the doctor's thought before he was born. 

 This time has just flown by and there's nothing I can do to slow it down. He's giggling everyday and smiles so big his face just lights up a room.  Teething is a big part of his days, and when he's not biting my shoulder, he's got his fists shoved into his mouth.

Tummy time is still a challenge, but when his older brother and sister play with him, he loves tummy time.
I really do miss my sleep at night but love holding him after he passes out when he's done nursing. He's not much of a snuggler anymore, but when he is full and settles into my shoulder and breaths deeply, my heart melts. I hold him as long as I can before I feel myself falling asleep and put him back in his crib.

just a newborn
I cannot wait to see his little personality come out and how he's different than his siblings. Each child is unique, but I see a lot of their dad and me in them as well.  I love my family. I miss itty bitty babies but know that they must grow up. It just happens way too fast!

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Erika said...

What a lil sweetie! You have a beautiful family!