September 17, 2008

Blue Angels

Not only did it rain all day Saturday...the day of the baby rained most of the day on Sunday, the day we all went to see the Blue Angels. I was so excited to take Olivia to her very first airshow that was in Eau Claire, WI the week we were here visiting. I did get my wish, however it was not as planned. Originally, we were to fly a small plane over and enjoy all day watching the planes. As the rain had not stopped the night before, we drove the hour to the show after Olivia awoke from a rare 3 hr morning nap. Upon paying for parking and becoming the second car next to enter the parking lot, we were informed the lot was full. That was alright since the Blue Angels were not scheduled to perform for another 2 hrs...or so we thought. Due to the unpredictable rain, they started the show as we were waiting for parking. Not to worry, our parking spot was right near the entrance which made for an easy get away once the rain did start coming down. We watched the start of the show on our brisk walk into the events area. There were so many people attending the last day of the show due to the tickets for Sat were also good for Sun (even though the tickets said no rain refunds/transfer). The Blue Angels were the main attraction and we were not impressed with the other booths...or lack there of. I even got to change Olivia on the ground...which she did not mind one bit. Shortly after the finish of the Blue Angels show it started to pour so we hiked back to the car, grabbed a late lunch and drove home. All in all a good day...just a bit wet.

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