September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Lots have been happening since the last posting. Olivia and I traveled down to Fort Worth, Texas to visit a friend from 29 Palms. She just had her 4th son three weeks ago so the trip was short but sweet. Maddie, 18 months, and Thomas, 4 yrs old, enjoyed playing with Olivia...she could keep up with the boys.

Upon returning home, Olivia decided to bring me her shoes, my shoes, and went to the front door. So, we went outside and I set up her new baby pool due to the incredible heat and humidity. She has started letting us know more about what she exactly wants. Bringing us things she needs or wants to play diapers and wipes, it looks like we'll need to get a little potty soon.
Ryan's parents came down to visit us for the Labor Day Weekend. They decided to drive the 13 hr route, arriving here after 2am. Olivia was unsure of who was in her house the next morning but took no time at all adjusting to having her Grandparents around. We traveled out to the base to show off Ryan's office, and then hit the Commissary. Grandpa found the carts with the cars and kept Olivia entertained while we checked out. Then everyone went to LETRA (Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area) to go to the beach. The water was cool at first but became very comfortable. Olivia loved being towed around in her floaty and Ryan, Tina, and Grandpa enjoyed testing out the water slide. All was fun and games until Ryan splashed water directly into Tina's eyes...but then he felt bad, a good thing.

All and all, the weekend has been fun...relaxing and enjoying seeing Olivia laugh and play with Grandma and Grandpa.


Jessica and Steve Pinkerton said...

olivia is just adorable. It sounds like you guys are enjoying Oklahoma! Miss you!
The Pinkertons

Anonymous said...

Olivia is getting to big! How fun you went to see Kathy!