September 9, 2008

Devil Dog Run

The Marine Detachment on base hosts the Devil Dog Run every year to raise money for our humble Birthday Ball. It is open to anyone and the Marines are highly encouraged to participate. This was the first year we could participate since we left for 29 Palms just a week before the run last time we were here. It was much larger than I least 2,000 people ran either the 10K, 5K or unit run. Ryan's tummy was bothering him that morning so he pushed Olivia in the jogger while I ran ahead. I got to the half way mark before the unit runners caught up with me and the road became way to crowded for my slow pace, so I kept Ryan and Olivia company to the finish line. My final time was 43 min for the 5K...not bad for someone who had not run in over a month...I blame the weather. My last competitive run was the Turkey Run in Quantico back in November of 2004. I ran the 5miles in 57 min and did a little training before the race.

Completing the Devil Dog Run has brought back the joy of running for me...not to mention the help of cooler weather. I've always considered myself a runner even when I did not run regularly. It is my time alone with my thoughts and gives me a sense of personal accomplishment...something that I can not rely on anyone else to complete.

The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is hosting another 5K Fun Run in October to benefit the Cancer Center of Southwest Oklahoma and I'm thinking about signing up. It gives me time to actually train a bit before hand so maybe I can run the whole steps.


Anonymous said...

That is a great time for not running in a month! i love running!

Patti said...

Answering your question about scrapbooking...

1. Make it always how YOU want it to be. Don't worry about how other people do it.

2. Buy or subscribe to "Simple Scrapbooks" or "Creaking Keepsakes" magazines. Great for ideas and tips.

3. Check out they have a great message board and galleries to get ideas from.

4. For supplies, if you don't have a good local store, try they have a great selection.

5. Have fun!

Stacy said...

Good job, Tina! Finishing is the key and you did great!