January 18, 2009

Ryan's New Truck

We do have exciting news...plans changed and we traded in the Rodeo for an '06 F-150. It already has the spray-in bed liner and a topper...as you can see. Like the van, the deal was great and we did not have to roll the Rodeo loan into the the new loan...Ford paid off the loan!!! We got and extended bumper to bumper (the same policy we have for the van) and the monthly payments are lower than Rodeo payments. We now have a reliable V8 truck that can haul much more stuff around than the Rodeo ever could. Our first thought was how much we could make on a partial-dity move between the truck and the van. Ryan is very excited he now has his truck and those who lived in OK understand that trucks are everywhere.


The Whitefields said...

Congrats on your new truck, Ryan! It looks awesome and think of all the fun stuff you can haul around now with TWO little ones! :)

Enjoy your new ride!

Erika said...

They are everywhere...except in our driveway. Poor Todd! He misses his truck.