January 7, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Opening her new Little People Car Garage from Uncle Travis and Aunt Sarah

Eating at Big 10 with Grandma and Grandpa

Ryan holding cousin Lydia

Opening gifts at Nana and Papa's

Olivia's favorite activity...spinning with Nana

Making icing with Aunt Katie

Kisses for Mommy

Reading with Papa

Holding Lydia and Olivia eating after seeing Santa

Minnesota Santa

Waiting in line to see MN Santa

Alas, here are the Christmas pictures in no particular order. We spent our days bouncing back and forth between the grandparents houses in an attempt to satisfy everyone's busy schedules. Christmas Day was spent at the Collins' while December 26th was the Rankin's Christmas day due to Papa's work schedule. We met baby Lydia, our new niece on the Collins' side, and Olivia enjoyed attempting to poke her in the eye was well as give Lydia her pacifier. Olivia and I got sick towards the end of our stay telling us it was time to go. She did a great job on the long 14 hr drive home (and the same drive up North). Oh, and the cats came with us, so they enjoyed the drive snuggled down in their beds.


Stacy said...

Wow, she's looking so grown up. I can't believe she sat on Santa's lap, Cooper freaked! I love the Christmas pics.

The Whitefields said...

Too cute! Love the pictures!

Nick and I know all too well how difficult and busy it is to satisfy everyone's needs during Christmas time...its exhausting!

And I cannot believe how much Ryan looks like his dad!