January 29, 2009

New Private Settings and ICE

If you are able to read this then we both have successfully figured out how to set and get into a private blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while now and a friends horror story prompted me to follow through.

Nothing really has been happening other than bad weather and the family being sick. Monday it rained then the temperature dropped giving way to freezing rain. The base was closed Tuesday so Ryan had the day off. Wednesday he did not have to go into work til Noon and this morning it was 9AM. It's been a slow week as we are also recovering from being sick. Olivia had a temp last weekend and now I have a bad cold. Unfortunately, I am unable to take any meds to help me get through this so I've been researching natural remedies. Don't know if I'll venture outside today or not but cabin fever is starting to set in.

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