January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

As Ryan and I reflect back on what a year 2008 has been for us, we are blessed to know that we are surrounded by friends and family who love us. We are grateful to be the parents of our darling Olivia and for the adventure called life the Marine Corps has taken us on. Thinking back to this time last year, we did not even know if we'd be moving away from 29 Palms, let alone, buying a house and mini-van. We hope this new year brings as many new adventures and interesting experiences as 2008.

I sit here recovering from our loooong 14 hr drive back to OK from WI/MN yesterday listening to Olivia push around her lawn mower while walking in my ballet flats. We enjoyed our trip to north. There are tons of pictures I must go through to pick the best ones to share here for everyone. Those will be posted shortly. Now, a trip to the 24 hr Walmart is needed to get bread, milk and eggs...the staples!

Love to all and Happy New Year!!

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Stacy said...

Happy New Year! Excited to see the pics.