February 25, 2009

The Alamo and Eye Surgery

Today, Ryan and I saw the Alamo. Honestly, there isn't much left...only two original buildings are still standing, the Chapel and Long Barracks. It's located directly in the heart of San Antonio and the landscaping is beautiful. It's free to the public but donations are always welcomed. There's so much history and it's displayed very well. We thought there would be more open spaces at the Alamo, however, the land wasn't protected until about 1914, so most of the area of the fort has been built up. Hard to keep a plot of land from development when it was founded back in the early 1700s.

The real reason we're here in San Antonio is Ryan's PRK eye surgery tomorrow. Finally, his work schedule allowed us to travel here for the surgery. Very exciting. We got his new Ray-Ban sunglasses that look great! He's excited for the end result in a few months, but not quite sure how much pain will be involved over the next week. I'll be taking good care of him and so will Olivia when we get home.

Olivia is at home with my mom, Nana. She is happy and doesn't know we're gone, so much so that even a phone call from us won't bring her to stop watching her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nana is having a fun time looking after her for us and we are grateful for the help. Not that having Olivia here with us would be a burden, we do miss her very much, but it makes the 8 hr drive a bit faster.

Pictures of the Alamo and surgery to follow soon.


The Whitefields said...

I love San Antonio. My sister lived there a few years ago and the visits were wonderful. I don't know how long you guys will be there or how much time you have to do some sightseeing, but if you can, do the riverwalk! Its so incredibly romantic at night riding in the boat and eating at awesome Mexican food restaurants along the water.

Good luck Ryan with your recovery!

JStar said...

Jim got the same eye surgery done last June! I hope Ryan isn't in too much pain right now! I know it wasn't much fun for Jim the week or so after the surgery